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Artist: Little Pattie

Stories and Highlights

  • Born March 17,1949.
  • Little Pattie shared the same singing teacher (Gwen Parsons) with Noeleen Batley - Australia's top female singing artist. Gwen and Noeleen persuaded her to audition for TCN 9's TV teen show Saturday Date hosted by Jimmy Hannan. She was a hit.
  • Patricia Amphlett was nicknamed 'Little Pattie' by a group of beach-going friends. She has attempted to discard the 'Little' a few times, but to no avail.
  • The surf craze hit Sydney in 1963 whilst Pattie was a third year student at Sydney Girls High and a regular at the stomp dances at Bronte Surf Club.
  • She first performed a few songs at the Club on a dare and ended up with a weekly job backed by The Statesmen; Duncan McGuire, Mark Rigby, Peter Walker, Nev Jade and Peter Maxworthy.
  • Later, Little Pattie was spotted by a talent scout from EMI Records, auditioned and signed.
  • EMI Producer Joe Halford collaborated with Jay Justin to write a song for her along the lines of Brian Hyland's 'Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini'.
  • November 7, 1963 saw the release of her first single 'He's My Blonde Headed Stompie Wompie Real Gone Surfer Boy/Stompin' At Maroubra'. By January 1964 it had reached No.2 on the Top 40 charts, held back from No.1 by The Beatles', 'I Wanna Hold Your Hand'.
  • In 1964 The Little Pattie Fanclub began and cost 70c to join. Members received a membership card, photo, biography and monthly newsletter and could go to picnics and barbeques with a chance of talking to Little Pattie.
  • Left school at the youngest legal age of 14 years and nine months to concentrate on her singing career.
  • In 1964 an EMI PR exercise resulted in a photo of Pattie being lifted up by The Beachboys.
  • Went to Paul McCartney's 22nd birthday party via a chance meeting with the Beatles after their 1964 show at Sydney Stadium. She had a great time and told the media, "The Beatles seemed to me to be pretty nice people. They weren't party animals, they just wanted to talk. I remember at one stage sitting with all four of them and unintentionally monopolising a lot of their time".
  • In 1966 receives the 2UE Award for Records by Australian Artists and the Australian National Record Award both for 'Best Australian Female Vocalist of 1965'.
  • In August 1966 she became the youngest entertainer to perform in Vietnam. The tour had a profound effect on her and the welfare of Vietnam veterans has been a great concern of hers ever since.
  • Pattie has appeared on several TV shows in America - the most notable being the Ed Sullivan show on which she received a standing ovation.
  • During the election campaign of November 1973 she appeared with other entertainers such as Col Joye and Judy Stone in the Labor Party's 'It's time . . . ' TV commercial, which also starred Gough Whitlam.
  • Married Joy Boy bassist and record producer/manager Keith Jacobsen in 1973 - parted ways in 1984.
  • Throughout the 70s and 80s was a popular guest on TV shows, played the NSW Club circuit and other states.
  • Is a big fan of her younger cousin, Divinyls' singer Chrissie Amphlett.
  • This year, EMI released a Little Pattie CD - '20 Stompy Wompy Hits', a compilation of early records.
  • Still maintains a busy performing schedule.

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