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Resource Recovery

Resource recovery is always a component of recycling.  However, not all recycling is resource recovery.  The processing of recyclables to either (a) extract or recover materials/resources, or (b) convert to energy, is considered resource recovery.  These activities are performed at a resource recovery facility.

ARM 17.50.403(40) defines Resource Recovery as follows:

"Resource recovery" means the recovery of material or energy from solid waste.

Further, resource recovery facility and resource recovery system are further defined as follows:

ARM 17.50.403(41) "Resource recovery facility" means a facility at which solid waste is processed for the purpose of extracting, converting to energy, or otherwise separating and preparing solid waste for reuse; and,

ARM 17.50.403(42) "Resource recovery system" means a solid waste management system which provides for the collection, separation, recycling, or recovery of solid wastes, including disposal of nonrecoverable waste residues.

Click on a link below to open the application form.  The form may then be completed online, printed, and mailed with all required attachments to the address below.

Permitting & Compliance Division
Waste and Underground Tank Management Bureau
Solid Waste Program
PO Box 200901
Helena, MT 59620-0901

New License Application:

License Renewal Application:


Facility Class

Application Review Fee
Annual License Fee Annual Disposal
License Transfer
Major Class II facility $12,000 $4,200 $0.40 $600
Intermediate Class II facility $9,000 $3,600 $0.40 $480
Minor Class II facility $6,000 $3,000 $0.40 $360
Major Class III facility $3,600 $1,200 $0.40 $240
Minor Class III facility $2,400 $600 $0.40 $180
Major Class IV facility $3,600 $1,200 $0.40 $240
Minor Class IV facility $2,400 $600 $0.40 $180
Major incinerator $12,000 $4,200 $0.40 $600
Intermediate incinerator $9,000 $3,600 $0.40 $480
Minor incinerator $600 $3,000 $0.40 $360