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By Kimberly Gomez, Ledger Columnist

Brian Ades

Brian Ades

SILVER LAKE–Brian Ades, designated Seniors Real Estate Specialist at Sotheby’s International Real Estate, has a penchant for the story behind the iconic homes he represents. Understanding that real estate transactions are about people, Ades said he focuses on bringing to light the life behind the structure.

“What I do is keep as much of their existing lifestyle, and show off who they were,” said Ades.

According to Ades, he conducts extensive research on every home, identifying details such as the original builder, architect and previous owners. Clients say Ades’ knowledge about architecture and Los Angeles neighborhoods is invaluable.

When it came time to sell his father’s home of 50 years, Mike Trokey credits Ades for helping him to realize the hidden treasure.

“It brought a new feeling of pride of ownership in the home,” said Trokey. “It was important to me. I came to appreciate aspects through his eyes that I hadn’t seen.”

Ades’ real estate career began in 1994, when he oversaw an extensive, historic restoration of a two-acre estate in Hollywood. From Silver Lake, Los Feliz, and the Hollywood Hills, to Venice, he has seen the turning point that people experience from both sides of buying and selling homes.

One client, who had meticulously directed his assets after his passing, made a lasting impression on Ades.

“We were the people left here to help him execute his wishes,” said Ades. “There is something very striking about that kind of planning and taking care of people.”

Not only is a trust is the most flexible vehicle for individuals to ensure their estate is cared for said Ades: “It’s also a way to care for people who were in their lives.”

At a Silver Lake home built by a noted architect and his artist wife in the 1960s, Ades talked about how interacting with legacies brings out the heart and soul of Los Angeles. Their home was filled with artifacts that had taken a lifetime to accumulate. For Ades, it all starts by listening to the stories.

“Each one of them in their own way has left an impression, professionally personally, and culturally,” said Ades.

These are what Ades calls “generational” homes.

“It’s not the structure. It’s the fact that they have been here for so long and have accomplished so much with their lives. That’s what resonates for the buyers, because they can see their own future here.”

To learn more about Ades, visit: brian@brianades.com



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