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I finally worked on my Free Printable 2013 Calendar last night! I have had so many requests asking if I would be designing a new one for 2013 and and always said, “of course”….but it was just a matter of finding time! Like I’ve mentioned before, I’ve created and used this type of calendar forever (like 20 years, seriously). While I still use good old Microsoft Publisher to create, I think my design style and fonts have come a long way! I’m sure my early versions used fonts like Curlz and Comic Sans (blaah!). I love to see a month ahead at a glance and put the major events on this calendar. It hangs on the bulletin board of my home office armoire and I refer to it daily. Whether you already use my calendars or are downloading for the first time, I hope you like the design and can put it to good use! Enjoy! 

2013 Full Page Calendar – TomKat Studio

Click here to download!
Happy Planning!

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    • 87

      jEN says

      I love this and hate to speed up time but will you be posting 2014 anytime soon? When you have 3 kids and one in college one a sr in high school and one in middle would love to put down what is already planned for them! Thank you again!

      • 88

        Michelle says

        I used this calendar last year! LOVE IT!!! I’m running out of pages, my life is so busy this calendar has been a lifesaver! Thank you so much for sharing! Can’t wait to see the 2014 one! :)

  1. 92

    Heather says

    Thank you! I love this calendar! For years I’ve made my own that are very similar to yours in layout, but never with the cute fonts and extra creativity that you add. Thank you! :)

  2. 94


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  3. 96

    Taylor Doty says

    I would love to see the 2014 calendar! As a teacher I need to have a calendar to plan out the 2013-2014 school year. I am sure many other teachers are in the same boat!!!

  4. 97


    Hi, just wanted to say I LOVE this calendar too and it’s been very useful in keeping the grandparents up to date with babysitting and kids school activities. Like many others have said I would find a 2014 calendar really useful too, stuff is getting booked up in advance already. Thanks for sharing this lovely resource :)

  5. 98

    Jill price says

    just found out about you through Sweet Rose Studio blog! A little late to the party, but am printing it out and starting right away! Thank you!

  6. 100

    Adeline says

    I’ve just stumbled upon this and wanted to say THANK YOU for sharing it! It’s just made planning ahead and organising sooo much easier!!

  7. 108

    Natalie says

    This calendar is great, beautiful and SOO useful!! I used it in my 2013 :)) and i’m wating for the 2014′s calendar, i need one hahahah i can’t find a calendar with a design as gorgeuos as yours :)
    Kisses from Brazil!

  8. 110

    Laurie says

    yikes I finally came looking for 2014 and can’t find it…will it be available? not free is ok too. I really hate to use one of those mundane generic calendars. Yours have been perfect for keeping on top of things!
    Thanks Kim!

  9. 111

    Tracy Smith says

    I wanted to know will you have a 2014 printable calendar? I just joined your website and love the 2013 printable.



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