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WSN Links

Full Description

Using PHP and MySQL, WSN Links is a web directory script with a large number of options, including Googe PageRank, link-checking, reciprocal linking facilities, and others. The script offers some powerful features; more, in fact, than many directory operators will use.

Its basic features include automated updates. Although installation of the script is us usually easy and troublefree, professional installation is available for no charge. There is no charge for an unbranded license, as branding can simply be turned off from within the administrative area.

Directory operators are able to choose the level of complexity desired through switches that can be turned on or off in the administrative panel, without the need to edit the templates. Free support is available through email or the company’s support forum, and professional support is handled by the script’s author rather than service representatives.

The script uses search engine friendly URL rewriting. For those on an Apache server, URLs can be shortened and keywords may, optionally, be introduced into them for SEO positioning. WSN Links uses canonical tags wherever appropriate, and search engine spiders may be disallowed from unimportant pages, if desired.

Undesirable IPs can be presented with 404s, if it becomes necessary to control rogue spiders or thwart Denial of Service attacks. There is also an option to serve noindex/nofollow to non-written URLs, in order to concentrate spidering, and error pages are set to a noindex, nofollow tag by default.

Meta tags may be set for general use on all pages, or category-specific pages can be set to override general tags for each category. For those using a reciprocal linking plan, a reciprocal link checker is included and, if not found, a warning email may be sent or, if desired, the listing may be suspended, and later deleted, with emails sent upon each action.

Listed sites that have turned into placeholder pages or porn sites can be detected through the WSN Links content checker. Other options include syndication, an RSS feed, and sitemap generation.

WSN Links comes with several revenue-building features, including a shopping cart that allows submitterst to add multiple listings to their cart and to review the total before making payment through PayPal. Other payment options are also available.

WSN Links is fully customizable, although not entirely intuitive. All of the HTML displayed to visitors, including the admin panel HTML, may be customized through the templates, either editing them offline through an HTML editor, or through the use of the online editor in the administration panel.

On the date of this review (May 17, 2013), the cost of a single license to use WSN Links is $198, which may be paid in eight monthly installments of $26. Additional options and discounts are available for 3, 5, 10, 20, 50 or 100 licenses. Alternatively, an unlimited number of copies of WSN Links may be run on one domain for $296, with options for 3, 5, 10, 20, 50 or 100 domain licenses.

Optionally, WSN Forum may be purchased, and integrated with the directory software.




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