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What was was a global village for sharing and kinship-building that was launched on Earth Day 2007 and closed on April 11th 2014.


All the content on has been archived to allow future generations to see the work that was done by the inspirational Wiser community.


Our virtual community was inhabited by people who believe that a more just and sustainable world is possible. was run by the not-for-profit organization, WiserEarth, a women-led organization since 2009.


Our mission was to help the global movement of people and organizations working toward social justice, indigenous rights, and environmental stewardship to connect, collaborate, share knowledge, and build alliances.


We invited members to get started here »


All of the tools, wikipages, groups and directory listings for events, people and organizations that you were able to find on was ad-free and free to use and re-use.




Global NGO & Activist Community


A community of 79,651 people around the world who are connecting, collaborating, and sharing knowledge. Groups


3,273 online community groups where members engage in discussion, exchange knowledge, and collaborate on projects.




Local face-to-face gatherings which empower activists and grassroots leaders by fostering collaboration across sectors

Organizational & Nonprofit Directory


The world's largest, free and editable international directory of 114,994 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) / nonprofits and socially responsible organizations. also includes solutions, resources and job pages.


Issue Area Taxonomy


The world's most detailed classification of issue areas related to social justice and environmental restoration.


Event Listings


A calendar of events representing the global movement for a better world. Find and/or promote events near you.





Why did we need


Photo by Paul

There are more than one million Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and many millions of people and social change organizations around the world actively working toward ecological sustainability, economic justice, human rights protection, political accountability and peace -- issues that are systemically interconnected and intertwined.


Our effectiveness to prevent harm and institute positive change in the past was undermined by our lack of collective awareness, the duplication of efforts, and poor connectivity


What was been missing was a map and directory of the flourishing network, one that included the necessary resources for communication and cooperation; in essence, an infrastructure through which we could coordinate the efforts of civil society. provided this infrastructure from Earth Day 2007 to April 10th 20014, facilitating powerful connections among grassroots leaders, social entrepreneurs, activists and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) fostering greater collaboration and knowledge-sharing. 



How did our members use



Love Earth

Photo by Bart Hoffstein

1. Discovery. They found out what information has been shared by others in our civil society knowledge commons.


2. Connection. They met and connected with changemakers and grassroots leaders  


3. Shared. They shared their knowledge and worked with others in the community and beyond.


4. Collaborated. They worked together online with colleagues, community and network.


Members followed our community guidelines and's Principles




About  |  History  |  Guidelines  |  Community  |  Stories  |  Supporters

Get Involved  |  Donate  |  Contact Us


“ played a critical role in helping

the permaculture community on the west coast of North America become self-aware of each other, coordinate plans, and share best practices.


I created groups for classes and the San Francisco permaculture guild, and have been contacted by over a dozen people from other regions of the world who have found me through”


Kevin Bayuk 


More stories >>


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This is to introduce the two new projects funded by the Fetzer Institute and implemented by Kommon Denominator in collaboration with the Seton Hall University: "Love and Forgiveness in Government” and "Forgiving Prisoners".
The Love and Forgiveness in Government project focuses on leaders from the Islamic states. The purpose of the project is to foster awareness of the power of love and forgiveness by eliciting examples, lessons learned and good practices from the stories of interviewed leaders in a comparative context. By interviewing leaders from different Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) states, the project allows for learning about their practices and insights on love and forgiveness in governance.

The aim of the Forgiving Prisoners project is to examine the connection between imprisonment and prisoners’ perspective on love and forgiveness for individuals who had spent part of their life in prison while struggling for justice and peace for their communities and nations at large. From Gandhi to Mandela, from Aung San Suu Kyi to Martin Luther King Jr., many prominent leaders in governing professions spent a part of their life in prison. The project was conceived on the premise that individual leader’s capacity to shape government and communities through insights, reflections and inspiration acquired while in prison is extremely important for governance.

These projects will identify, highlight and feature stories based on the experience of exemplars that practice love and forgiveness in governance. The Forgiving Prisoners project entails research on existing materials about the cases of leaders and peace activists who lived through prison experience, which influenced and transformed their views on love and forgiveness, and later informed their work on peace and reconciliation. The Love and Forgiveness in Government project aims to develop a network of top government representatives from Islamic countries who will be identified, interviewed and their stories on practices of love and forgiveness documented and shared. A symposium on love and forgiveness in governance will be organized in Georgetown, Washington DC in 2014.

If you would like to nominate an individual who meets the criteria of "Forgiving Prisoner" please send an email to:, with name, contact, short profile of your nominee and your reasons for nominating the individual. The nominees can be well known, less-known, still in active service, retired or posthumous. The deadline for submission of nomination is December 30, 2013. For more information about these projects, please contact Dr. Borislava Manojlovic and Ernest Ogbozor via email,
Gmail is email that's intuitive, efficient, and useful. 15 GB of storage, less spam, and mobile access....
If you'd like to get access to more tutorials which show you how to use, take a look at this wiki
Wiser helps the global movement of people and organizations working toward social justice, indigenous rights, and environmental stewardship to connect, collaborate, share knowledge, and build ......
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Hi, is this article available in spanish somewhere? We're adding a page explaining why we chose to host the dialogues for the forthcoming EcoEconomy conference,

(if anyone can suggest a way to improve our intro to in spanish, please let us know! thanks :) )
Wiser helps the global movement of people and organizations working toward social justice, indigenous rights, and environmental stewardship to connect, collaborate, share knowledge, and build ......
Laura Ross-Perry Hi Stefania, I'm so pleased you've chosen to host the dialogues for the EcoEconomy conference. We don't currently have that page translated into Spanish, but we have a number of translation volunteers who I will contact to have a translation done! We are in the process of making the website fully available in all languages, but it's a slow process because there is so much material. I appreciate you bearing with us :) I will get back to you as soon as I have a translation for you!
Wiser helps the global movement of people and organizations working toward social justice, indigenous rights, and environmental stewardship to connect, collaborate, share knowledge, and build ......

about 1 year ago
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Laura Ross-Perry I've sent you the translated text through the Wiser messaging system :)
about 1 year ago
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Camilla Burg Hi Stefania, it's wonderful to hear that the EcoEconomy Conference is able to use for the dialogues happening there - we'd love to support you in this. There is a translated version of the About page available in Spanish - to find it, you can either choose the Spanish version of and click on the link at the bottom: Acerca de (available by clicking in the top right hand side of the page): or go here: - please do let us know if members of our international volunteer team can support you further.
Wiser helps the global movement of people and organizations working toward social justice, indigenous rights, and environmental stewardship to connect, collaborate, share knowledge, and build ......

about 1 year ago
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Laura Ross-Perry Thank you Camilla!
about 1 year ago
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Stefania Strega Scoz thankyou! done - it's now been added to the spanish participation page also :)
La Red de Eco-Inversión existe para enfocar un único propósito: Si queremos cambiar la economía, tenemos que invertir (nuestros recursos, ilusión, formación, acción, soñar, etc.) en co-crear las ......

about 1 year ago
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Laura Ross-Perry Looks great :) Best of luck with the conferences!
about 1 year ago
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i'm new + exploring co-evolving with each breath. perhaps you can guide where best to ask this, althought after some browsing i thought here may work. especially if we open this for comments for to respond. i don`t mean disrespect for already in my offering of you to others, i've stated you as vs sorry.

i am learning from you all, + as an activist in our own forum, realizing to seek solutions in itself for some issues can keep us preoccupied, + i then realized it can be simple + yet it takes technology + consciousness for each to do their homework if able. but if misusing/abused/unable as many now are left behind. we need a few gauges to even beable to reachout, not to mention find the virtual world.

plus with indigneous fighting for their own sovereignty, i am looking for sensitive `ways to make 1 good science to create an energy that links the fragmented/incomplete science that should of spoken correctly for those that shared `ways that work. to protect the respect + awareness fro each of us to understand living local with these traditional `ways applied, if retained respect for all life + co_evolved being present in the moment. as in ex; the Nation breaking away for own sovereignty in Canada, etc. wanting even to retain own language. yet opens to Facebook with youth group. showing me they want to be part.

it appears i should add this on my portfolio, but i also ask is your software crawlers could add a few more focused directions with all as gentle bells that come up when we experience this community neglect. as well solutions applied in other like ecosystems/subject. as we are working on in our forum to build this archive. which i realize you have a better network to do this. where Nabble is very good in freely giving forums + doing technical application, but it takes a global community to simplify coolective compassion efficiently.

so i look forward for your feedback to then better share + co_evolve my own work in the building.

thank you, kara
Wiser helps the global movement of people and organizations working toward social justice, indigenous rights, and environmental stewardship to connect, collaborate, share knowledge, and build ......
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Hello there, wanting to tell you all about the Community Built 2012 Conference in Portland, OR
on May 30-June 2. Please find out more details at Community building in the
Urban Village will gather artists, community builders, designers, gardeners from around the world that are
working in a professional capacity on Community Building projects. Come learn from them and network with
others in an inspiring environment.
The CBA is a not-for-profit association of professionals who are involved in all aspects of the community built field. The organization was formed in 1989 to provide network for such professionals ......
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Peggy Duvette This sounds like a great conference. You should make sure it is entered on WiserEarth as an event so all of our members can see it
over 2 years ago
Please visit our website ecomaxproductsdotcom and share it with your membership.
Many thanks
Vasant Agarwal
Managing Director
Thank you for sharing your warm words and energy with members of our community.


....thank you Everett ( ) (program coordinator for a co-educational construction training program in environmental remediatio in the US)

....thank you Aulia ( ) (working as a communicator on Environment and Systainability area in Indonesia)

....thank you Deltu ( )(social entrepreneur in Indonesia)

....and thank you Datu ( ) (for representing the indigenous peoples of Mindanao in the Philippines).


Don't hesitate to ask for ways in which members of our community can support you in your work....a good place to start is by joining the WiserConnections group or by posting a comment or request in your status update box.
Passion to look for some one in the same interest. I'm the environmentalian (called my self for my activity in environment). I have a waste program in Surabaya. Do you wanna know?, follow me on my account in this site. Hopefulluy, we can shared experiences each other.
I am very curious with this Federation of Indigenous Peoples organization simply because our people or LUMADS, the term used to identify Indigenous Peoples of Mindanao, Philippines, are longing for long lasting Peace and sustainable Development and to gain self governance and full empowerment...........through this social networks I believed our aspirations shall turn into reality whenever we act as one.....tnx
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I am new in this site, hope could get lots of information on sustainability things so I can share with others in my ccountry.

Hey people.  I am a new member.  I'm just beginning to explore this site.  There is so much I just know this will be helpful.  I am involved in a wide array of things at whose base are environmental and sustainability issues.  As a program coordinator for a co-educational construction training program in environmental remediation, I am always at the crest of construction methods that are not environmentally friendly.  While it is important to have training in how to remediation damaged soil, water, air,etc, lately I am more attuned to prevention methods.  A more important point is how to engage local community residents in those things they can do to contribute to a more environmentally safe habitat.  I have a website that is still under construction, but feel free to take a look:  Ideas?  Let me know.  Greetings again, I'm  Everett
Hi Disa

welcome in WiserEarth its my pleasure to connect with you;

I'm not sure how to use what ive found yet as (WE) I'm journeying( Looking for something , undefined but ends in happiness ) ... but I just wanted to say hi...i hope to connect with some of you soon.
Thanks for this suggestion Richard. I have added it to our suggestions page ( ).
Hi. I'm a new member. This could be valuable. Suggestion #1: have a "suggestion box" or feedback button. Suggestion #2: when searching/browsing the group descriptions, include a "last activity" time/date. I don't want to spend time looking at the page for a group that hasn't had any activity for two or three years. Thanks for offering a great service!


Poor Richard
First became acquainted with Paul Hawken via a BIONEERS conference presentation gave in 2004.  I was delighted to learn there were MILLIONS of like-minded people globally working to counter and remediate the the industrial degradations inflicted on Earth and peoples internationally.  Most egregious assaults seem to be against populations in developing countries where oil, minerals riches are exploited.  


In the age of ShockDoctrine politics WISER Earth is an elixir, a cathartic remedy to the evils capitalism inflicts on innocents.


Currently, I am enjoying "BLESSED UNREST" written by Paul Hawken.  I recommend it to all. 


2010 BIONEER CONFERENCE featured a 15 year old who initiated, with great exhilaration, a GLOBAL YOUTH MOVEMENT -   which is a youth movement to show politicians and decision makers all over the Earth that young people are aware of the environmental chaos their preceding generations left them to solve, and are demanding/requesting the initiation of better practices to assure their lives will be worth living. 


If you know adolescents encourage them to text: and get involved with their own movement towards environmental and social justice.
WISE EARTH is really great site for evey person who are in the social sector.Thanks to the founder to build this awesome site.And thanks to the wise earth team for supporting us in our every activity.
Camilla Burg Thank you Banshidhar - it is wonderful to have you in our community. We are inviting people from the social and environmental change movement all over the world to come together to share what we know and support each other. We are 75,000 today in our online network here, but so many of us working at a grassroots level around the world too. Please don't hesitate to share what inspires you to create a better world:
Wiser helps the global movement of people and organizations working toward social justice, indigenous rights, and environmental stewardship to connect, collaborate, share knowledge, and build ......

about 1 year ago
Hi Kennedy - many thanks for posting your message on WiserEarth. I will send you a message directly relating to your question. Thank you for being part of the WE community.
We are acommunity based organization based in kenya we are  looking for partnership with international organizations which can support our work based on advocating for welfare and rights of donkeys in our locality. we have been operational for about four years now and many people  are now turning up for our support on how effectively they can take good care of this animals which have been deprived its rights. I do request technical support which will help us expand our work to other places where we have not covered due to lack of technological know how and enough money for field days.

thanks  in advance

yours faithfully

kennedy onyango(chairman)
Hi! Thank you for the platform. Looking forward to connect and help each other. We are a organization working to make a sustainable environment in Baja California Sur, Mexico.

This is a peaceful paradise between the Ocean Pacific and the California Gulf, who is endangered by greed.

We are looking for brave people to help us stop a Canadian Mining Company to star operations for gold. Please visit.

Thank you all.
I am please to introduce our organization which is registered and working from 2000 for the rehablilation and technical education  of disable persons.when pakistan face any sort of natural disasters we are alway there to assist our people. we never missed any chance to serve our nation. Currently  we are working at mounch in miawali for disables person. we are being planned to rehablitate these person by providing technical education and medical facilities so that these people also become the part of our society and live proudly. if these people will get technical education then they will never seek any assistant from others and will earn their bread n better.
        if you can be our partner for provision of technical education and  medical facilities to disabled as well as poor persons, we will be thanks full to you. you are welcome to know about us and get any sort of information from about site office at mounch in miawali and at head office in rawalpindi. we will provide you our profile and organization chart  if it is requirement.



Khurram shahzad

Here I find myself surfing, navigating, exploring, discovering, and becoming informed about the AWESOME movement taking place in this beautiful Planet Earth.  I just joined Wiser Earth and will take me a while to digest, assimilate, integrate the wealth of information encompassed.  I will continue to read, read, read about the numerous groups and their growth for a better Planet.

I am not very savvy with the computer, social networking.  I come into Age to this magnificent tool that allows me to interact locally and globally, one of my dreams for years.  I see myself as a curious, inspired, excited beginner in the science of global awareness and interaction, in this virtual vehicle so new to me.  I come from a time of typewriters, face to face interaction/communication, with individuals, groups, communities.  Now in retirement I have been involved locally yet at a much more slower pace than before.  Learning to be by dissipating the mind, and merging more with nature around me has brought me Peace and Harmony within.  Now I am preparing to surf into a Bigger Mind piece by piece, part by part.

I salute you all, and I am filled with gratitude for all the contributions that you are making to Co Create a Gentle Wiser Earth, my blessings, Namaste, and much metta


Thank you very much to the Founder, Wiser Earth Staffs and Volunteer for creating Wiser Earth organization for a better WORLD, we JUST DO IT.....! 
Just found and joined WiserEarth after searching for permaculture and organic farming resources/workshops—looking forward to learning more via networking and connections/organizations found here! This is the first UI I've found that has ALL of the topics that I'm looking for. Fabulous! Can't wait to delve into this wonderful social networking site!


-Almira (Healthy Republic ( ))
Considering what a powerful tool for grassroots democracy the Internet is, I am interested in finding organizations that are helping bring Internet access to the five billion residents of planet Earth who presently lack it.  Thanks to WiserEarth for developing this web application.

I have joined wiserearth, because I find my motive towards sustainability
and environmental planning very much similar to you guys. Anyway, together we
can put a great impact on society comprising of better awareness and action
plan for earth. I am associated with some of the environmental activist from
my local, and also I plead support from world audience for sustainable solution
for the region.



Finaly good work, WiserEarth
Its the best place for sharing one's activities, networking and discussion. I really loved it. All the best to the TEAM.


- Jibankumar, NECEER



Being apart of this community feels very good and sounds interesting.


I hope I can find some way to make a real contribution.



     I like to thank the people who worked  behind of this great IDEA, really for me the network of (wiserearth community)

is the place of gathering all efforts for eonomic justice, human rights protection,environment justice, political, in one stop newt work at one clickf your fingers and it connecting these different voluntaery work will increase Total benefit of human work.



THANKS for that
I just encouraged to join in  by my facilitor .  I
its wonderfull to be part of WiserEarth. U GUYS U R JUST GREAT
As you note, there are millions of organizations moving society in these directions.  WiserEarth seems to be the best interactive platform for connecting us.  Refreshing to see, since good news and people's power deserve higher profile than bad news.


I've written an article featuring Philadelphia's best grassroots initiatives, "Prepare for the Best." ( )  There are probably 100 million such organizations globally, when smallest unincorporated community groups are included.  --Paul Glover
There is digital divide between the global north and the global south. Internet connectivity is still at slow speed in many parts of the developing countries while getting a website costs a fortune. WiserEarth has given those of us from the global south the rare opportunity of being a part of the big but yet small global village in terms of e-connectivity and especially creating a forum (free webforum) for us to share ideas with our colleagues up north. The names of the founder of WiserEarth and his colleagues should be written in gold for their foresight and understanding of the necessity for helping human kind especially from the less developed world.

BIG THANK YOU to you all.
Bravo and greetings for all good work from Camilla to PARIS. We appreciate her work.

Thierno Rampnoux(image: )

Horizon Afrik-Paris
We are happy to say....even at this juncture of solitary community in Mindanao, your team can share with institution here may now reach though a handful click. Good Job PEOPLE....
Good job! Wiserearth is improving itself with new features.


I still think that in anyway the interoperability of this network and others is very important thing, and is not easy. We need local networks, maybe less workfeel but more friendly with common people, but interconected with each others to promote collaboration on the same issues (sustainability, democratic governance, comunity development, ecoeconomy...)


We are trying also to work on this direction. One of our efforts is to buil our local network (in/out the net). If you want to conect is . We need work hard yet.


I will collaborate thinking on how to interact with other networks.
Gordon - thank you for your wise comment.  WE are in fact hoping to redesign the WiserEarth home page this year. One of the objectives of the redesign is to incorporate some of the thinking that is used on 'best of class' sites like Google or Facebook. Part of our challenge is that we have a very small technical  team as we don't have the big budgets that these commercial sites run off. Nevertheless we are committed to making WiserEarth the most useful and user-friendly site we can for the community, even though it may takes us a bit more time to get there.

However, with great input and suggestions from the community, like your own, we have no doubt that WE (WiserEarth) will get better and better. 

This is very good and very interesting.  Yes, I did not see this coming.  It does make good sense.


Now for the advice:  Promotion, time to step it up a notch.  Judging by the randomness of the participants in Maryland there is definitely a disconnect which this site is trying to remedy.


I am not an expert, but I would re design the home page so that it addresses your customer as though you were the friendliest restaurant on the planet and the maitre d'  were greeting you like his best customer.


But keep it simple like Google.  Remember you have about 2 seconds when that new customer comes through your portal.  Gotta know right away what you are stepping into.


Content is great.  Flow is great.


"Blessed Unrest" suffers from the same visual design problem.  I have no idea why I picked it up at the library.  I grabbed it with 5 other books.  I think someone on the staff put it on the recommended table.  It looks like a book about a sharecropper that is unhappy about his peanut crop. 


I hope that you will take this as constructive criticism.  Promote, promote, sell, sell.  You can see I don't come at this from the movement side.  Hope that this is helpful.  I think I put this comment on the wrong page. Sorry.  Best wishes, you have my full support.  I gave this page a two star to get your attention.  This page is really a 5 star.
Congratulations for 'walking your talk' and offering your software/technical back end as an open source download for others to learn from, adopt and develop.


Top marks.

Thank you for your comment Sabinus and good luck in your work.
On behalf of the my co-founders and  the entire staff of AUCF, we extend our sincere support for your mindset in setting up this much-need social networking platform for civil societies and like minded people and organisations around the globe.

It has been our wish and support to eradicate poverty in our midst if only the ruling class will carry civil society actors along .

In my country,Nigeria human rights activists are not welcome or later consulted in policies that was designed for the benefit of the masses that is why almost they are not sustained nor benefited the targeted groups.

Finally, our heart bleeds for the marginalised and the very poor and we are doing our best to lessen their plights.

Funding is what we are in need of and we hope we will be able to network and find donors here as we have plenty of projects and activities coming up.

Sabinus Ezeoke
AUCF ( )
Thanks for your comment


Hope all the work done should be done with awareness & understanding the results / consequences.

Not against humans but against the Ignorance, illiteracy, mis information in them.


The best thing to change is the education & delete the system of categorizing humans by race, religion, region.


RE: Questions about whether WiserEarth is open source. The software for the WiserEarth platform was released in early April 2008 as open source under the GPL 3.0 license, which allows anyone to use, modify, or share the software without any restrictions. It was released under the name 'WiserPlatform', and can be downloaded at:
Hi, only users with "Editor status" (see community roles) can remove organizations. The best way to bring an organization to the attention of an Editor is by leaving a comment on the page.
Thanks for your comment - WiserEarth has received some unwanted attention from a few non-community minded people who have been sending unsolicited messages. We wanted to let you know that we are aware of this issue and have de-activated the account of those spammers. We are also working on several ways to prevent this from happening in the future including:

1) The ability for any users to easily report a spam

2) The ability for WiserEarth Administrators to get automated alerts when a user sends more than an "X" n umber of messages/hour
To discuss this issue, suggest ideas or report a spam, please go to:

For more information on the spammers, and the type of messages they sent, go to: 2778032b5

With thanks for the work you do
Hello WiserBeings, ;o)

Hopefully this is useful. In response to my WE profile, I've received two email messages recently from two (apparent) separate females looking to be in touch. Neither created a profile so I invited them to, and instead they responded with messages that were alike each other, and are clearly scams (or their familiar preludes. I've rec'd similar messages from 'pretend' clients for my business.) May be best to not pay attention to them, but if you want names so they can be removed from the system, please just email me directly.

Keep up the Loving work!
Hi - bowo directed me to a conversation about this very topic at:
(for any one else who comes across my rant and wants to comment)

Thanks bobo!
I'm saddened by the terms you list for including an organisation in the list (at under 'Organizations that do not qualify for inclusion'. It seems there is still some closed minds around who can actually contribute to a 'just and sustainable world created by community. In my opinion ANY group of people (regardless of organisational structure) can do it so by excluding those who do not confirm to a pre-set organisational structure you exclude some innovate participants and reduce the diversity of the movement.

For example, I have set up a company (just me right now) that provides advice and support to organisations with their campaigning. While my clients include the biggest non-profits (Greenpeace, WWF, Amnesty, Oxfam, etc), having that work also means I can do things for smaller/independent campaigners and thus their issues. I set it up as a company because other formats in the UK are more complex, expensive and with more constraints. I see the work I do is as valuable as many NGOs on the list - and I am definitely part of the movement regardless of your classification.

So - I humbly suggest that you consider a change in your criteria for inclusion. I am not suggesting that you open it up to anyone, but more that for those currently on the list of 'Organizations that do not qualify for inclusion' you review them on a case-by case basis (perhaps a role you can ask the community to take on)


The source code should be released within 3-4 months, as we just hired a full-time developer to work on that portion of the WiserEarth project. We'll announce this and also provide a location to download on our "Latest Updates" page (

Currently, we have no APIs for developers to access our database, but it's a feature we are looking into after we have released the source code for WiserEarth.
Since the above article makes the following statement, " All software will be open source" where can we go to download this source code? Do you provide any web services or other flavor of XML access for remote calls into your database?
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Hello, what do you mean by: We hope to put it open source as soon as possible. ? (first paragraph). I have the experience that every member can already update the database.
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