"Occupy Wall Street" Demonstrations: Anti-Semitic Incidents Surface
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"Occupy Wall Street" Demonstrations: Anti-Semitic Incidents Surface

Posted: October 17, 2011

Updated: November 1, 2011


As the "Occupy Wall Street" (OWS) demonstrations expand from New York to other cities around the country and overseas, several videos and images showing individuals holding anti-Semitic signs or voicing anti-Semitic conspiracy theories at the OWS rallies are circulating online.


While there is no evidence that these incidents are widespread, history reveals how economic downturns can embolden anti-Semites to spread malicious conspiracy theories about Jews and money. The financial crisis over the past few years has shown how turmoil in the markets can be exploited by anti-Semites to promote stereotypes about Jews. 


As the focus of the demonstrations continues to develop and evolve, ensuring that the movement does not get hijacked by extremists or anti-Semitic elements is critical. Public rallies like OWS often draw a wide range of people with various personal or organizational agendas, including those seeking to exploit public rallies for their own purposes. The American Nazi Party, for example, expressed their support for OWS rallies in several cities via Twitter.


Thus far, however, anti-Semitism has not gained traction more broadly with the protestors, nor is it representative of the larger movement at this time.


The following is a sampling of anti-Semitic statements made at the OWS demonstrations:


         "There's also evidence that Mossad, Israeli intelligence, and other intelligence agencies [were] also involved, that especially the Mossad. Not only that� where I live they found a white van on the same day, and who was in the white van with bombs? � Israelis! ... They were going to blow up the George Washington Bridge. And what did they do to them? They let them go�. Israel had a definite motive, right? Why did they want the U.S. in there? The U.S. is essentially doing their job, meaning they are fighting the so-called enemies of Israel, Arabs, Muslims, right? So why should Israeli soldiers die? Better to create an event and send U.S. soldiers to die, right? They have a definite motive."

      Demonstrator in NYC discussing the 9/11 terrorist attacks,
October 28, 2011 


         "I think it's Israel. Everyone is working for Israel!"

      Demonstrator in NYC, October 28, 2011


         "Yehudi, stop killing my Muslim brothers! Stop the demolition� Fillistine!... Yehudi means Israel, it means he's a 'kaffir,' it means he don't have mercy...  [asked, 'doesn't Yehudi mean 'Jewish'?']� 'Yehudi' means hateful thing... Terrorists, in Israel, in the Brighton Beach that kill, kidnap people, that do all kinds of bad things to people... All is kaffir, all is America, all is Israel. They try to kill Muslims. That's the idea. They don't have mercy for Muslims� The Jewish idea to kill Muslims� Jewish people killed so many of my people�. No Jews died in this building, in the World Trade Center� the Jewish people kill everybody� they complain about Hitler. The Jews do a lot of crime, more than Hitler. Why? Stop. Yehudi, stop killing!

      Demonstrator in NYC, October 28, 2011 


         "Jews are the smartest people in the world� They control the media."

      Demonstrator in NYC, October 21, 2011 


         "The Zionist Jews�they are printing out money. They own the Federal Reserve bank... The word Jew is similar to Communism today, being a communist. I think that we should be able to spell the truth about what the Jews are doing to this nation, the Zionist Jews, how they control the money system, how they control the markets and everything else� Jews have been run out of 109 countries throughout history, and we need to run them out of this one."

      Patricia McAllister, demonstrator in Los Angeles,
October 19, 2011


         "The Zionist Jews who are running these big banks and our Federal Reserve, which is not run by the federal government, they need to be run out of this country."

      Patricia McAllister, demonstrator in Los Angeles,
October 12, 2011


         "In America, a small ethnic group consists of almost all the bankers and hedge fund managers on Wall Street are Jewish. There is a conspiracy in this country in which Jews control the media, finances. If you Google 'Wall Street Jews,' Google 'Jewish Billionaires,' if you Google 'Jews and the Federal Reserve bank.' The Jews who represent two percent of the population� a small ethnic minority, they have pooled their money together, amassed their money to take control of America's finances�. Jews dominate American politics.�Jewish billionaires in Russia are already attempting to take over Russia like they've taken over America. America is dominated by one group. Almost all the federal judges in America on the East Coast and the West Coast, almost all the federal judges are Jewish, almost all the city judges are Jewish, all the state judges are Jewish. There's a Jewish group in this country and it's a conspiracy that everyone's afraid to talk about."

      Demonstrator in NYC who has made allegations of Jewish control, 
as well as other
anti-Semitic remarks, throughout the OWS protests. Posted to YouTube October 3, 2011


         At the OWS protest in NYC on October 4, 2011, a demonstrator arguing with an older man wearing a yarmulke shouts, "You got the money, that's why you're fighting, Jewish man�.You can't even speak English? You Israeli? Go back to Israel."


The following is a sampling of anti-Semitic signs seen at the protests:


         "Congress Should Print The Money NOT the Zionist Jews" � Los Angeles, October 2011

         "Hitler's Bankers Wall Street" � NYCOctober 2011

         "Google: Zionists control Wall Street" � NYCOctober 2011

         "Nazi Bankers Wall Street" � NYC, October 2011

         "Google: 1) Wall St. Jews 2) Jewish Billionaires 3) Jews & FedRsrv Bank" � NYC, October 2011

         "Humanity vs. the Rothschlds [sic]" � Los Angeles, October 2011


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