Aspyr headlines

SimCity 4: Deluxe Edition returns to Mac

SimCity 4: dDeluxe Edition is once more available on Macs thanks to OS-X port specialists Aspyr Media. The much-loved classic has been unavailable for quite a while, but can now be yours for $20 or regional equivalent via the Mac App Store.

  • BioShock Infinite now available on Mac

    Aspyr’s OS-X port of BioShock Infinite has landed, and can be obtained from Steam or via the Mac App Store, or in Steam code form from various digital distributors including Aspyr itself. The port specialist offers a systems requirement check via its GameAgent service, which you should definitely utilise; my work Mac won’t run it, […]

  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is $5 on iPad, $2.50 on Mac

    Apple port specialist Aspyr is offering some tasty savings on BioWare’s classic, ten year old RPG, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. You can pick up the iPad version for $5 directly from the App Store, and if you sign into Aspyr’s GameAgent service you’ll see a discount code bringing the OS-X port down […]

  • Company of Heroes Complete Mac update adds new modes

    Aspyr has updated the OS-X version of Company of Heroes Complete to add new ways to play.

  • Aspyr announces Call of Duty: Black Ops for Mac

    While the world eagerly awaits the release of Black Ops II, Mac gamers will finally get their hands on the original Black Ops later this year care of Aspyr Media.

  • Neverwinter Nights 2 OS-X on sale for less than a buck

    Obsidian’s classic RPG Neverwinter Nights 2 is on sale on the Mac App Store for 99 cents. That’s a very small amount of money for a highly rated RPG you can play on the office machines. You can grab it here. Neverwinter Nights 2 is the 2006 sequel to the BioWare original, and famously shipped […]

  • Company of Heroes: Campaign Edition on the way to OS-X

    Relic’s WWII RTS series Company of Heroes is heading to the increasingly-not-so-humble Macintosh in compilation form.

  • Civ V hitting Mac this year

    Mac-loving Aspyr Media has confirmed it’s to launch a Mac version of Civilization V this “holiday”.

  • Dreamkiller trailer shows dreams, killing

    Aspyr Media and Mindware Studios just sent over a trailer of their latest effort, a creepy, chaotic shooter called Dreamkiller. As expected, the trailer primarily focuses on dreams and killing — with an almost 50/50 slice between the two, in fact! Main character Alice Drake, a psychologist who enters patients disturbed minds and proceeds to […]

  • Galactrix gets release date for PC, DS, maybe XBLA

    A February release date for Puzzle Quest: Galactrix on DS was confirmed today, along with the confirmation that a PC version would arrive simultaneously. An XBLA version isn’t 100 percent confirmed yet. February 24 lands on a Tuesday, which would mess up “the whole Xbox Live Arcade Wednesday thing” we have come to expect, says […]

  • Supreme Commander 360 takes battering from IGN

    IGN has given the Xbox 360 version of Supreme Commander 4.5/10 in one of the game’s first reviews. Complaints include slowdown, crashing, poor graphics compared to the PC version and impaired AI. The article writer questioned how the game got its certification from Microsoft in such a state. Along with a limit of four-player multiplayer […]

  • Supreme Commander 360 hits shelves

    The Xbox 360 version of RTS Supreme Commander launched today, complete with its console-tailored interface. As well as new controls, the game also features 360-exclusive units, maps and multiplayer modes, although there’s no option to play against owners of the PC version. Fans of the PC title shouldn’t feel left out, however: another expansion for […]

  • Supreme Commander 360 delayed to "early summer"

    We had no idea this even had a release date. According to this, the Xbox 360 version of Gas Powered Games’ RTS Supreme Commander has been pushed back to early summer. “The benefit of having independent companies such as Aspyr and its partners working on a project of this magnitude is that decisions like this […]