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Recent Media Coverage of the Sacred Peace Walk and the Great Creech Convergence

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Nevada Desert Experience to serve Creech AFB with a War Crimes Indictment

John Amidon 518-312-6442
NDE 702-646-4814

On Wednesday, April 16, 2014, between 6:30 and 8:00 AM, the Sacred Peace Walk conducted by Nevada Desert Experience (NDE) will serve a War Crimes Indictment to Creech AFB Commander Colonel Jim Cluff. The Indictment can be viewed online. Arrests seem likely when Sacred Peace Walk Representatives attempt to deliver this indictment in person. There will also be a vigil in front of the base.

Brandon Bryant, a former US Predator operator, in the newly released motion picture, DRONE, said, "There is a lie hidden within that truth. And the lie is that it's always been the air force that has flown those missions. The CIA might be the customer but the air force has always flown it. A CIA label is just an excuse to not have to give up any information. That is all it has ever been." (See reference below.)

In light of yesterday's breaking revelations about the "secretive cluster of units with the wing call the 732nd Operations Group", where the CIA is using Creech Air Force Pilots to carry out drone strikes in Pakistan, NDE's War Indictment could not be delivered at a more timely moment. Clearly the illegality of the largest targeted drone killing program can no longer be denied or covered up.

"We also are here to call upon the airmen and airwomen to consider the spiritual impact of the horrifying physical violence conducted by Creech AFB," said NDE Council member Marcus Page-Collonge.


Read the Guardian's story of the evidence.

7 Arrested as Code Pink Affirms Life Defying Air Force

Toby Blome
Nevada Desert Experience: 702-646-4814
John Amidon : 518-312-6442

APRIL 11, 2014

This morning, 7 Code Pink courageous women went to Creech Air Force Base (Indian Springs, Nevada) to take a stand for life and environmental justice. Morally disgusted by the callous disregard and the murder of over 200 children via attacks from Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA), also known popularly as drones or UAVs, the women insisted that these illegal and deadly attacks stop. Wearing miniature Pink Drones with the names of victims the women attempted to walk onto the base to bring their message in person to the Base Commander. Their consciences demanded no less. The women arrested were among a group of 12 other peace activists opposing drone warfare and 12 patriotic civilian supporters of drone killings. Only the anti-RPA activists were arrested in the course of their duties.

One of the Code Pink Women For Peace said, "When drone victims can be called 'bug splat' and are so trivialized, we know the Air Force and other US drone programs are completely out of control. The killings must be stopped."

On Sunday, April 13, 2014 Nevada Desert Experience (NDE) will commence their 19 annual peace walk beginning at the National Atomic Testing Museum at 9 AM and will proudly welcome the women of Code Pink as walkers and heroes. On Wednesday, April 16, 2014 the Peace Walk will vigil at Creech at 7 AM with more Civil Resistance and arrests probable. The Sacred Peace Walk ends at the Nevada National Security Site (NNSS) on Good Friday to protest nuclearism and the ongoing toxification of Western Shoshone lands.

For information on the NDE peace walk please go to: http://www.nevadadesertexperience.org/programs/2014/pw_schedule.htm


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