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  2. Me and my husband are that couple to sit on the same side of the booth anywhere lol

  3. With every passing day I realize more and more that I'll probably die alone.

  4. "rejoice, o young man, in your youth, and let your heart cheer you in the days of your youth..." eccl. 11:9

  5. Meri Navi album Jatt talli after chitran di whisky.. Please check it out

  6. mom and i are both allergic to dog fur and we just got a puppy

  7. Dancing and drinking in my room alone and it's only 5pm wut is life??

  8. Full on college induced breakdown in the middle of Berkeley's rec center

  9. Ughhh that assembly was so stupid I'm gonna get road head while 90ing a bottle of Phillips

  10. Watching Body & Soul fancams on mute while sitting across from husband in the livingroom

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