Shopping Price Comparison Scripts

Price Comparison ScriptsWhen it comes to creating a shopping price comparison websites, in addition to API scripts, there are off the shelf programs and script snippets that you can install on your server.

Below is a list of price comparison scripts that you can use on your site either as a stand alone website or in addition to your existing website.

Price Tapestry – £220 GBP

Price Tapestry is a price comparison script written in PHP and MySQL. It’s very easy to install  and supports the upload of most file types including CSV and XML. To use this tool you will have to sign up to various affiliate networks and download their product feeds.

Shop Window Dataset V3 – £FREE* – UK Only

Affiliate Window, one of the UK’s leading affiliate networks, offer a self-hosted price comparison solution that you can install as a stand alone website. You must signup as an affiliate of Affilite Window and then you can simply download ShopWindow free of charge.

* You have to pay a signup fee of £5 but this is credited to your account imediately. ShopCentral – £FREE

ShopCentral is a free script that is avilable from for download and installation on your own server. It requires PHP4+ and doe snot require a database as all data is retrieved via an API.

Datafeed Studio – £100

Datafeed Studio is a PHP and MySQL script that you install on your server and accepts text feeds. Unline many others it connects to Afiliate Window’s ShopWindow API.

Forum Threads on Datafeed Studio:

Kaon Price Comparison Script – $600 USD

Kaon Price Comparison Script seems to be extremely functional and has some very advanced features including a Merchant Admin Panel. They claim that this is the most comprehensive off the shelf price  comparison software. Be aware that the core files of Kaon software are encoded so if you want to programically customise Kaon, you have to buy their developer’s version which is about 5 times the price.

However, there is a thread on a4U Forums regarding Kaon software where someone seems to be very unhappy with them for various reasons.

AxisITP Price Comparison Script – $500 USD

AxisITP Price Comparison Script is regarded by many as a great price comparison script. It requires PHP5 and MySQL. You can see a full feature list here and their demo site can be found here.

Do you know some more that we haven’t mentioned?

If you know some more shopping price comparison scripts, please add them via a comment below.

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