Natalie Choate

Natalie Choate


Asst. Director of Develop. at and the youngest resident of Northwest Hills... by far.

Austin, TX


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    We're on . Username: texas_tribune. Add us. We post bonus photos, pics & behind-the-scenes shots. Thanks!

  2. Make it easy - remove obstacles standing in the way of donors giving money. Less required fields, less clicks & less to read.

  3. Talking numbers with the few people in the world who understand what I do for a living.

  4. Donor fatigue - stop bothering prospects or continuous messaging is what it takes to move someone down the giving path?

  5. It's a tougher question that I originally thought - "How do you know when you are successful?" Great point.

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    The team sharing their secret sauce with non profit orgs from 27 countries at

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