Saturday, April 19th, 2014

Bunny Enema Instructions

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Provided by Dana Krempels, Ph. D.

This can really be a lifesaver! You use an infant ear bulb syringe – – this one is available at CVS for $4.99 and is the best one –it is in a blue box that is their store brand and simply says “Ear Bulb Syringe” on the box. It is white, holds one ounce and has a stop guard for safety. NOTE – the cheaper blue ear bulbs do not have the safety built in. You may also find it at Walmart!

1. Fill a clean bowl with lukewarm tap water. You can add a tiny bit of simethicone if you want to, but it’s not essential.

2. Dip the tip of the bulb into the water and slurp up until full.

3. Invert the bulb so the tip is facing up. Squeeze until water *just* comes out. Then, while still holding the bulb squeezed inwards, dip the tip and suck up more lukewarm water from your bowl. This removes the air bubble at the top of the syringe, and fills it *entirely* with your solution.

4. Lubricate the tip generously with K-Y, coconut oil, olive oil or similar, water-based lubricant.

5. Holding bunny upside down in “cradle” position (it helps to put bun on soft toweling or other comfortable surface so his/her back is on a cushion), locate the anus. It’s the one that “winks” back at you when you touch it, and is behind the genital opening, just at the base of the tail.

6. Insert the lubricated tip of the syringe no deeper than about 1/4″. If it doesn’t go in easily, keep gently probing until it slides in comfortably. There may be poop stuck in there.

7. Using very gentle pressure, express the water into the rectum. Again, NEVER force anything. If you feel resistance, move the tip around gently until the water flows easily.

You can use all 35cc of the water for even a pretty small rabbit of a pound or so, but use good judgment. When the rectum is full, water will fountain out around the tip of the syringe, and that will tell you it’s enough.

Continue to hold bun on his/her back for about a minute, gently rocking with the head a little bit downwards. This allows the water time to travel up the GI tract and not just squirt back out when you turn the bunny over.

This can be repeated every 4-6 hours. Note that the colon absorbs water, so if you are also giving subQ fluids, don’t overdo. I’m not sure if the colon will “recognize” freshly administered fluids if they’re still subQ, so separate those two procedures by at least an hour so you won’t accidentally O.D. your bunny on water.

TIPS: Do not try to push in the fluids too fast. Do not push hard. If the bunny is very anxious or trying very hard to get away, you may be causing pain. Another trick is to squirt some of the fluid on the anus first to not startle the bunny with the insertion of the tip of the bulb. Start squirting before insertion and the water along with the KY will slide it right in. Also, if not using the CVS one with the safety line, mark the 1/4″ with a marker before insertion so you know how far you’ve gone in. Don’t try to push it farther in. I hope this helps!

For a video tutorial with step by step instructions, please click here!

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