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  1. ถูกรีทวีตโดย
  2. . back in Singapore, developing with his dual display novena setup.

  3. ถูกรีทวีตโดย
  4. sharp eyes! was wondering if anyone would notice. it keeps my coffee warm, and probably doesn't have a listening device in it.

  5. sorry, I was slow on responding to some emails yesterday that held things up. We'll get this party started shortly...

  6. thanks for your pledge, and we look forward to delivering our commitment to you on time.Welcome to the Novena user community!

  7. We just passed the $100k mark, in under 48 hours -- 40% there! Thanks SO much to all our backers, we really appreciate your support.

  8. International backers..we fixed the shipping fee: free shipping for desktop/laptop/heirloom. Existing backers will be refunded shpng..Sorry!


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