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"Seventeen human rights groups call on Spain to reject draft bill restricting the use of universal jurisdiction to prevent and punish international crimes wherever committed and irrespective of the nationality of victims or suspected perpetrators."

LAW letter:Letter to Toront Police AG Ontario 26 Oct 13

LAW letter: Reply re War Crimes Complaint 23 Oct 13

LAW letter: to War Crimes Program re. Dick Cheney 17 October 2013

LAW brief: Arrest Dick Cheney press release 16 October 2013

LAW brief: Duty to Bar Dick Cheney from Canada and to Arrest him on Entry

LAW briefs UN Committee against Torture on Canada's failure to prosecute George W. Bush

Canda Detainee Scandal February 2012

Vancouver LATEST Event Announcement 28 - 11

Media Advisory, Announcement September 28, 2011

Letter to Chief J. Chu re Dick Cheney September 25, 2011
Letter to Chief Constable J Chu requesting that Dick Cheney be arrested."

Letter from Don Davies MP re Dick Cheney September 23, 2011
Letter of MP Don Davies requesting that Dick Cheney be barred from Canada on the grounds of him authorizing torture."

Video of MP Don Davies saying bar entry to Dick Cheney." September 24, 2011

Summary of Press Conference September 23, 2011

Open letter to MP's and others September 21, 2011

LAW letter to Prime Minister and Ministers Nicholson, Kenney, Toews and Baird September 19, 2011
"Request that Dick Cheney be barred from Canada."

LAW letter to Prime Minister and Ministers Nicholson, Kenney, Toews and Baird August 25, 2011
"Visit of George W. Bush on October 20, 2011: Canada must prevent entry or arrest and ensure prosecution for torture."

Vancouver Event Announcement 29 - 11

Civil Disobedience Guide Protesters' Guide to the Law of Civil Disobedience in British Columbia

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