9 awesome websites to enhance your Twitter experience


Twitter Counter home Twitter is a micro-blogging rage these days, and applications and websites that support or supplement Twitter’s functionality are springing up by the dozens. While some of them are pointless, most applications serve specific purposes and can help you tweet better, socialize more by finding friends, find friends with similar interests or find what you have tweeted the most about.

Here is a list of top Twitter applications that are worth your time. This isn’t a huge list by any means, and not all of them are geared towards improving your Twitter experience. But I hope that it helps you use Twitter more efficiently. I have also included my own views about some websites. Websites have been linked to from the sub headings dedicated to each website. Speaking of which, aren’t you following me? (I’m @sumesh on Twitter).

Twitter Counter

Twitter Counter home Twitter Counter shows you the number of Twitter followers for any user for the day. Twitter Counter also provides a follower count chicklet that is similar to FeedBurner chicklet that you see so often on blogs. Twitter Counter encourages you to place the badge on your blogs to let your readers know the number of followers. Something tells me that Twitter Counter chicklet will be very popular. Twitter follower count for Sumesh

Read our post about Twitter Counter for a review, and an easy URL hack to find the number of followers of any Twitter user on the particular day.



Quotably home Quotably tracks Twitter conversations with “@username”. You can follow conversations for any Twitter user by going to the Quotably website and entering usernames. Since there is no authentication required, you can follow conversations of not just yourselves (and hence any tweets addressed to you) but pretty much any Twitter user. Read our review of Quotably.

Tweet Burner

Tweet Burner home Tweetburner tracks links you share on Twitter. This can be a useful tool if you are more of the link-sharing Twitter user than the conversationalist Twitter user.

Tweet Burner asks you to log in with your Twitter-account to check your personal statistics. While authentication is essential so that stats are not misused, entering user credentials to a third-party website is not safe, no matter how good-spirited they are. As such, I would recommend that you do not provide Twitter login details on Tweet Burner. I wish Twitter had an external services authorization page, like those provided by Blogger.com and Flickr.


Twubble home Twubble is useful to expand your network of Twitter friends. It searches your friends list and finds people who you may find interesting to follow. Though it is machine-generated matching, I found it quite accurate. I follow predominantly technology-oriented Twitterers and those who tweet thoughtful stuff. So, Twubble had its job cut out, searched among those I’m following, and matching was easy. Your mileage may vary, especially if you follow a wider variety of Twitterers.

For every Twitterer that it displays as being relevant to you, it shows Twitter profile picture, a link to Google search for the user’s name, a link to follow Twitterer, and who and how many of your friends follow the Twitterer.


Hashtags home Hashtags is a tagging system for tweets. Simply follow @hashtags, then tag your tweets by entering #hashtag within tweets themselves. IRC users will be familiar with the #tag format of Hashtags, which is usually #channel for IRC.


Twitterholic home Aptly named so, Twitterholic tracks top Twitter users according to number of followers. Currently, @kevinrose (Digg founder) tops the chart with an impressive 43,224 followers.

Other Twitter-y websites

Other applications of honourable mention include Twitlinks(tracks links from top tech Twitter users), Twittown(covers Twitter-related news) and Summize(real-time Twitter search).


  1. I have Twitter account but I rarely use it. Don’t have enough time to update it eventhough it just take few minutes.

    Anyway, thanks for the info especially the counter.

  2. I have used quite a few of these, you should also include Tweetake a easy way to backup twitter profiles.

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