About Us

We are an independent site providing the facts and figures on cellular phone radiation.

Mobile phones are now a large part of our every day life, they are probably the most useful gadget ever invented!

The thing is though, every now and again research comes forward suggesting that mobile phones should be used responsibly.

Whatever the outcome of the mobile phone debate, it makes sense to use prudent measures to reduce your radiation exposure, if possible. An obvious way to accomplish this, is by choosing a phone with a lower Sar Value.

This site has been designed so that you can compare the radiation levels of all phones. Using this, you can now make an informed choice as to the best model that suits your personal needs. 

Although the SAR value of each cellular phone can now be obtained individually from most manufacturers, this does not provide users with comparisons from which to make a choice. In the USA, the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association (CTIA) require that manufacturers must provide SAR information in the instructional material that comes with the phone, along with a label on the packaging. This label however only advises the consumer of the phone’s compliance with the FCC SAR limit of 1.6 W/Kg and not the specific SAR value itself.

In the UK, the government appointed expert group, the IEGMP, recommended that the SAR value itself should be openly displayed on both the packaging and also on an official Website so that users could make an informed choice when purchasing a handset. These recommendations have not yet been implemented so SarValues.Com brings this important information, free of charge, to all cellular users and also provides useful links to other Websites containing relevant information.

The individual handset SAR data contained within this site has been collated from various independent sources and provided in good faith. SarValues.Com cannot however guarantee its accuracy and we welcome contact from handset manufacturers who wish to either rectify inaccurate data or include information on other models.

If you cannot find your model of phone listed on this site, please e-mail your manufacturer with the ID number which is printed on the phone body, under the battery.