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A1 Small Business Marketing is a Port Angeles, Washington trade name for me (Doug). 

A1 Small Business Marketing is the choice of savvy small business owners when they want to gain an advantage in marketing their small businesses.

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Small Business Marketing, learning it via experience and experimentation and passing along what I have learned to my small business owner peers, is my dearest business passion.

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About Me

I have been in small business marketing and management since 1978, with direct experience in both wholesale and retail.  I have gleaned the information I am sharing with you from my management background in:

  • retailing general merchandise
  • construction
  • restaurants (fast food and casual)
  • recreational equipment installation and repair
  • coin-vending
  • bi-vocational pastoral ministry
  • the printing industry (both sheet-fed and web)
  • graphic design
  • website development
  • and internet marketing

Never Stop Learning
I am both a willing teacher and a perpetual student.  My practical experience is augmented with the regular professional business seminars I have attended over the years.  Most of them were required (and paid for) by my employers, and I have added dozens more for my own enrichment and pleasure.  The truth is, I attend all of them that I can, and I have never attended any that I consider to have been a waste of my time and money.

Every Man Is My Teacher
Knowledge is better than gold and readers are leaders.  I have also purchased many e-books online.  I consider all of them to be worth far more than I paid for them.  Just one new truth or a meaningful reinforcement of an old one is all I need to be satisfied.  Everyone knows something that I do not know, therefore every man is my teacher.

Time and Money Spent Well Spent
In addition, reading and attending such sessions is a great catalyst for creative thinking and problem solving.  So, even if the time has invested has not resulted in me picking up gold nuggets beneath my feet, it has sometimes pointed me to a better tool or at least sharpened my existing tools so I can more effectively dig the gold for myself.

Thousands of Real Life Small Business Owner Experiences

I am privileged to have worked directly with thousands of small business owners over the past 30 years, consulting with them about their needs for print and internet media.  My specific skills and services have included research and consulting; employee training; personnel management;  production management; direct sales, wholesale sales; sales management; production plants modifications to increase productivity, safety and profits; general small business consultation; small business marketing consultation; and search engine marketing consultation.

 I have created a Small Business Marketing Workshop has been especially for smaller business owners. 

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