Earl de Blonville | Cyberstalking – Cyberbullying


Does Corporate Australia have an agenda or a budget for online threats such as the growing trend of Cyberstalking or Cyberbullying?

Is Cyberstalking and Cyberbullying a Higher Management issue? Is it an IT related problem or should HR deal with it? Does anyone really know?

Cyberstalking and Cyberbullying are issues which have become something of a “hot potato” for Corporate Australia, simply because the threat is an unfamiliar, contemporary menace, yet to be addressed!

CEO’s, Executives, Government, Employees, all professionals – no one is safe from these attacks, the incidence of which is on the rise in Australia following a global trend.

Earl’s de Blonville delivers information and frightening statistics to organisations about the very real threats that Cyberstalking poses for Professionals.

He describes what Cyberstalking is, how to recognise the early stages, who can be affected, the characteristics of a Cyberstalker and some measures to put in place to avoid the likelihood of an attack.
Earl de Blonville has faced death many times on Arctic expeditions, but nothing could have prepared him for the psychological stress and sense of vulnerability that Cyberstalking unexpectedly inflicted on him.

He describes the horror of discovering the incredible network of reputational damage he sustained and how the Cyberstalker’s legion of international victims collaborated, using advanced research skills to bring him to justice.

Drawing on the shocking stories of recent victims, Earl reveals how frighteningly vulnerable every individual and enterprise really is today.

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