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  1. Right. The knowledge is 2ndary to operational security (see: ). General and ethics come first.

  2. Klingberg met KGB contact every 3 months -coded signs in chalk on a concrete wall , but did not use invisible ink or minature cameras

  3. To ALL UK military personnel: and measures remain in place... In other words "SHUT THE F*CK UP!"

  4. Oh so good drills don't affect you because you're no longer deployed or now ex-military? Think again!

  5. Dear guy using a gov laptop on the bar on a Friday night out. I've your business card, RSA token, username, p/w, laptop asset ID...

  6. : We are hiring exploit tools developers in Ft Meade/DC area! Must have TS/SCI FS poly!!’ Great salary…” < best ever!

  7. Never fails to amaze me how many keys and tokens that are stored in GitHub, all discoverable via a rich search API. :\

  8. Hoping members of our community watch for tips ;-) Sewage truck? Hold you nose and search that baby!

  9. From what I hear are tackling the problem. They are working on eatable usb sticks, harddisks and laptops.

  10. So is it me or is the difficult part of knowing the point at which you've done enough to cover your arse :)

  11. "Russian troops exercised what U.S. officials describe as extraordinary discipline in their radio and cellphone communications."


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