9 – 26 JULY | VITAL SIGNS – INTERPRETING THE ARCHIVE | Marcus Bunyan | Penny Byrne | Ray Cook | Deborah Kelly | Salote Tawale

Project Description

Vital Signs presents a unique opportunity for contemporary artists to engage  with and creatively interpret the collection of the Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives. (ALGA) Each of the 5 artists have a rich art practise that considers social justice, activism and GLBTQI cultures and will engage with different aspects of the collection to inform their work.

The Archives were established in 1978 and for the last 35 years has actively collected and preserved GLBTQI material from across Australia and actively sought to educate a wider audience about Australian GLBTQI history. The Archives is a community-orientated organisation committed to preserving and sharing the rich and diverse histories of the GLBTQI communities for future generations.

The exhibition is presented as part of the Cultural Program of the International AIDS 2014 Melbourne Conference in Melbourne and considers the shared histories of the GLBTQI and HIV communities in a contemporary representation.

Curated by Angela Bailey and Nick Henderson.

Vital Signs is supported by the National Association of People Living with HIV and AIDS. (NAPWHA), the ALGA and the Victorian AIDS Council.

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NITE ART MELBOURNE | Wednesday 23 July – 6 – 11pm

Artist & Curator Panel Discussion | Saturday July, 2.30pm

Project Details
Opening: Thursday 10 July 6-8pm, NITE ART MELBOURNE: Wednesday 23 July - 6 - 11pm, Artist & Curator Panel Discussion: Saturday July, 2.30pm, Exhibition Dates: Wednesday 9 - Saturday 26 July
  • Ray Cook, Arm, 2009, photograph, 80 x 80cm. Image courtesy the artist.
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