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John G. Roberts, Jr - Supreme Court Chief Justice - Biography


John G. Roberts, Jr

Judge John G. Roberts, Jr

US Government


Supreme Court Chief Justice
Formerly: Justice, US Court of Appeals, District of Columbia Circuit


Updated 29 September 2005
On 19 July 2005, John G. Roberts, Jr was nominated by President Bush to replace the retiring Sandra Day O'Connor. After the death of Chief Justice William Rhenquist, the President nominated him to be Chief Justice. The Senate confirmed his nomination (78-22) on 29 September.

Personal Life and Family:

Roberts is a member of the American Academy of Appellate Lawyers, the American Law Institute, the Edward Coke Appellate American Inn of Court, the Federalist Society, and the National Legal Center for the Public Interest. Political affiliations include the Republican National Lawyers’ Association. He serves on the Federal Appellate Rules Advisory Committee. He and his wife, Jane Sullivan Roberts (also a lawyer), have two adopted children.

Professional Background:

The career litigator and jurist is a native of Buffalo, NY and is a graduate of Harvard and Harvard Law School. After graduation, Roberts clerked for Henry Friendly, Second Circuit Court of Appeals, as well as then-Associate Justice William Rehnquist, US Supreme Court. He served in the Reagan Admininstration, in the Department of Justice, from 1982-86. In 1986, he joined Hogan & Hartson, a Washington, DC law firm. From 1989-93, he returned to public service.

Career Highlights:

In 1992, President Bush nominated him to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, but he was not confirmed. He was nominated again in 2003 and confirmed 8 May 2003. His law firm advised the Bush campaign during the 2000 Florida election recount. One of his highest profile private practice cases was representing 19 states in the anti-trust case, United States v Microsoft.

Net Worth and Affiliations:

The 83-page financial statement the Roberts filed with the Senate Judiciary Committee reveals a net worth of $5.3 million, which includes includes $291,200 in XM Satellite Radio; $264,000 in Dell computers; and $106,553 in Texas Instruments. He has been a member of the Robert Trent Jones Golf Club in Virginia since 1992 and The Lawyers Club of Washington since 1996.

What Others Say:

According to Business Week, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has described him as a "pragmatist" and gave him a high ranking when scoring possible nominees.
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