Spacetime and Geometry: An Introduction to General Relativity

Spacetime and Geometry is a graduate-level textbook on general relativity, published by Addison-Wesley.

Here you can find information about the book, errata, and links to additional resources.

About the book

The book is an expanded, updated, and improved version of my Lecture Notes on General Relativity. This page tells you how to buy it, and why you should.


0. Preface 1. Special Relativity and Flat Spacetime 2. Manifolds 3. Curvature 4. Gravitation 5. The Schwarzschild Solution 6. More General Black Holes 7. Perturbation Theory and Gravitational Radiation 8. Cosmology 9. Quantum Field Theory in Curved Spacetime 10. Appendices.


Here is the full preface, for inspirational purposes.


Shamelessly solicited blurbs, as well as links to reviews.


Books listed in the bibliography, with links.

Additional resources

Other GR resources on the web.

Errata: by page number, by date found

As people find mistakes and bring them to my attention, they will be posted here.

Feedback? Questions?

I welcome feedback about the book, especially mistakes and typos. Unfortunately I don't have time to answer individual questions about general relativity, but there are other places to go for help.

"For if each Star is little more a mathematical Point,
located upon the Hemisphere of Heaven by Right Ascension and Declination,
then all the Stars, taken together, tho' innumerable,
must like any other set of points,
in turn represent some single gigantick Equation,
to the mind of God as straightforward as, say, the Equation of a Sphere,---
to us unreadable, incalculable.
A lonely, uncompensated, perhaps even impossible Task,---
yet some of us must ever be seeking, I suppose."
-- Thomas Pynchon, Mason & Dixon