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The table below shows the budget over the four years of the current legislature. The percentages represent the percentage of the budget for the Costa in relation to the budget for the whole of the Municipality of Orihuela.

According to the table, of the Orihuela Municipal Budget of 295 million euros, only around twelve and a half million euros have been allocated for Orihuela Costa representing only 4.2% of the total budget.

Population Orihuela Municipality: 87.113 residents (Padron)
Population Orihuela Costa: 28.000 residents (Padron)
SOURCE: BUDGETS FOR YEARS 2008-2009-2010-2011

An analysis reveals that the major spending by the Ayuntamiento is on the parks and gardens and the beaches.
With 26% of the small budget destined for the Costa being spent on caring for parks and gardens anyone would expect that these must indeed be well maintained, in reality the green zones and the children´s parks are poorly equipped and poorly maintained.

Over these four years the budget for Orihuela Costa represents only 4.2% of the total municipal budget. Yet Orihuela Costa represents 30% of the population and contributes 30% to the municipal public funds and to the municipal budget.

The budget is a powerful statement of the value of Orihuela Costa.
It should also be noted that the Office for European Residents has been of little importance during the four years of the Partido Popular council, representing only 0.5% of the total budget. With this budget it is impossible to arrange events to promote integration of the international residents.

As can be seen, there is no budget for education, culture, environment, sport etc. The only spending is in the areas of infrastructure and administration.

In summary this budget is one of maintenance with no evidence of growth or expansion.

Maintaining Orihuela Costa with no quality of life for its residents and with no concern about its future
In reality over the past four years very little has changed in the Costa, either for the residents themselves or for the area other than the widening of the N-332, work undertaken and paid for by Ministry of Works (PSOE Spanish Government), and the building of the Sports Centre (work paid for by funds from the PSOE Spanish Government), these are the only big projects undertaken in Orihuela Costa.

Under construction there are two nurseries (also financed by funds from PSOE Spanish Government) and the emergency center (financed with money from the Valencian Government).

The PSOE considers that during these four years the management of Orihuela Costa by the Partido Popular, led by Mónica Lorente, has been a massive failure and the residents of Orihuela Costa have had an unfair deal.


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