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  • iyinaboyeji published a text post 3 days ago
    No experience required.

    So after several months of doing things on my own, we are hiring. Very aggressively. Doubling growth every quarter. We are looking to grow to 40 people by January next year. 120 by April next year. The text for the job ad is below. Please share with young people in your networks. We need to find the most motivated young people in Lagos for these jobs.

    Do you know you can become a software engineer at Fora?

    Now, we know you are looking for a job that is respectable, stable and pays very well.

    Jobs like that don’t come easily.

    But, if you are smart, willing to work hard, and enjoy the idea of learning new things, then you should learn why the entire city is talking about Fora.

    Fora is a new type of company. We are not your average Nigerian company. Strictly driven by merit (not politics), we work with the brightest young people in Nigeria and Canada to help them become highly paid Software Engineers.

    If you make it through our rigorous application process, we will hire and train you to be a Software Engineer. We will provide you with consistent and powerful career advancement and you will be working in a beautiful office with some of the smartest young people in the country.

    Our ideal candidate must be a curious mind who is interested in tech but may not have had the training. They must be deeply responsible and care a lot about improving their lot in life. While we respect degrees, what really counts is your drive and determination so anyone can apply but you must be able to read and write English. The pay is very generous and there are multiple opportunities for advancement.

    Apply today by sending an email with subject line “I want to be an engineer” to by May 10th, 2014 and let’s see if you have what it takes!

    Good luck!

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