The EVE expansions

Dominion - 1 Dec 2009

Dominion represents the type of conquest never realized by pretty words and poetry. It is true power born from the broken hulls of a thousand starships, the genes of the ambitious and the hubris of the greedy. EVE's 12th free expansion offers the power of control to anyone bold enough to seize it, bringing you the tools for you to rally legions together and carve out your own space.

Will your ambitious new Alliance rise up to the challenge and stake their claim, evolving territory to suit it's needs? Will your established empire hold fast against the fleets that press at your borders, hungry for the wealth you protect? Will you call old friends to your side and convince them to join you once more in battle? Or are you the clever entrepreneur who sits clear of the danger and fuels the war from the periphery?

Dominion enhances the tools of communication and evolves the dynamics of war, altering the very way in which pilots interact with each other through warfare or cooperation. The vast riches of sovereign authority await for those bold enough to seize them amidst a beautiful, deadly universe of possibility.



Sovereignty Evolves

The system of territorial control in EVE advances, providing more tactical, capture-based gameplay. Alliances both large and small will find more opportunities within their grasp and an engaging conquest system in place to seize them. Rulers will now have to actively defend space they have claimed.

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Sovereignty Infrastructure System

Sovereignty Infrastructure System - Unprecedented control over the game world. Alliances now have within their power the ability to alter the resources and events in the systems they occupy. Infrastructure hubs can be fitted with specialized modules to aid in flushing out hidden pirate ships, discovering more lucrative asteroid belts or even easing the discovery of elusive wormholes.

New Doomsday Devices and Capital Ship Changes

The rebuilt Doomsday Devices lead the pack of several changes to capital ships, bringing the need for new strategies to the wreck-strewn battlefields of capital ship combat.

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Improved Fleet Tools

Teaming up with others has become easier! New tools allow players to find, contact and join corporate mining ops, fleet battles and patrols.

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Exploration and Advanced PVP Tutorials

New introductions to two of EVE’s most popular areas of gameplay: ship combat and discovery. The exploration tutorial teaches how to probe space for anomalies, hostile ships and hidden asteroid belts. In the advanced PvP tutorial, new pilots can learn the basics safely... well, relatively safely.

Faction Ships Revisited

We took a peek under the hood of the faction ships and found that some changes were in order. Dominion brings these ships up to speed, boosting some and specializing others. New faction battleships have been constructed! Introducing Navy versions of the Typhoon, Armageddon, Dominix and Scorpion.

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Pirate Faction Epic Arc Missions

Choose to ally with the underworld of New Eden as the first of many pirate epic arcs arrive. Hidden deep within the most dangerous regions of space, these agents provide significant rewards for the bold and the villainous.

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Upgraded Planets and Starfields

Procedurally generated planets and all new starfields take the beauty of EVE to unbelievable heights.

Improved In-Game Mail System

The redesigned in-game mail system introduces an upgraded look, more features and greater flexibility including better sorting and archiving tools.

Full Featured In-Game Browser

Fully compliant with current industry browsers, including support for the many ‘EVE-enabled’ sites created by the community.

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