Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Some pics ago...the best of 2010

A moment from Perfomedia

Hereby, dear friends, some of the best moments of 2010. It has been a great year for Spazio Thetis. We hope you will enjoy them!

Ecco, cari amici, alcuni dei migliori momenti del 2010. E' stato un anno incredibile per Spazio Thetis. Speriamo che vi piacciano!

Antonietta Grandesso and Jacob De Chirico

Antonietta Grandesso and her portrait

The performance by Andrea Pagnes and Verena Stenke

Antonietta and Guy Pieters

Antonietta with Jan Fabre

Antonietta, Dario Pinton and Claudia Buttignol in Bruxelles

Antonietta and Dario Pinton

Fabrizio Musa

Omar Ronda

Antonietta Grandesso and Andreas Kipar during the opening of Culture_Nature

Raymundo Sesma

Bruno Kladar

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