ALUX ergonomic electric office desks ALUX ergonomic electric sit and stand office desks
Alux Ergonomic Office Furniture offer the best quality products and service at the best price.
ALUX ergonomic electric office sit to stand desks
ALUX ergonomic electric office desks plasma and conset
ALUX ergonomic electric office sit to stand desks
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ALUX ergonomic ergonomic office furniture
Alux Ergonomic Office Furniture specialises in electric height adjustable sit-stand desks and ergonomic chairs to help comfort and productivity in the office environment and to reduce back problems and other pains and conditions caused by prolonged sitting in one posture.
Ergonomic electric height adjustable ALUX office desks   ALUX ergonomic chairs electric office desks ALUX ergonomic electrical height adjustable office desks

Danish Quality:
All the height adjustable sit-stand desks are electric and designed in Denmark, a leading country in ergnomics, with table tops available in many sizes, shapes and veneers/colours to match or compliment your existing furniture. You can even adapt your current office desk into an electric sit and stand desk.

The “ALUX Sit-and-Stand Principle”:
To sit many hours at a desk is bad for your back.
The ALUX height adjustable sit-stand desks are electric, and by a press of a button, you raise the height, so you can stand in comfort, but you shouldn't stand up all day either, so you press the other button and sit at the most comfortable height.

With its standard
160cm by 80cm grey top, Cosmo is the best value electric height adjustable sit-stand desk on the UK market.

Out of stock, but please enquire about our better alternative.
cosmo electric height adjustable sit and stand desks
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ALUX ergonomic electric height adjustable office desks ALUX ergonomic electric office desks chairs

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