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Welcome to my home and office on Possum Kingdom Lake, 120 miles west of Dallas. Over
60 miles long, it was formed in the 1940's by damming the meandering Brazos River in the Palo Pinto mountains. "los Brazos de Dios" is the long name -- "the arms of God".

Overlooking PK Lake
Overlooking the Lake
Don Smith / News of Texas TV

From PK Lake
From the Lake

So just who is Bob Bemer?    Edmund Arranga of the COBOL Report says:

"Mr. Bemer's accomplishments resonate so deeply one almost assumes they have been with us always, snatched out of the ether by a collective consciousness, instead of having been the creation of one man. A short list includes:

  • helped create COBOL (as in "Grandfather of" [1])
  • coined the words COBOL [2] and CODASYL [3]
  • invented the ESCape sequence
  • created the PICTURE clause
  • helped create and standardize the ASCII character set (as in "Father of" [4])
  • put the backslash into the ASCII set
  • helped create the 8-bit per byte standard"
  1) With some pride, we describe the IEEE Computer Society's   Computer Pioneer Award.
  2) Click below on "cast of characters" to go directly to the vignette they appear in.  

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Our Site Goals and Rules

  • We hope to educate and still be amusing.
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  • We accept suggestions for other topics we could treat well and authoritatively.

  • Everyone should know some earlier history of computers, but that is hard to come by without direction. So our history will be rather like a guided tour.
  • We will surely lecture everyone on the way we think the computer field must go. It has some mighty shortcomings. Many of you have not even seen really good practice.
  • We will arouse and admonish the so-called "computer scientists", trying to persuade them that they have a very civic duty to mankind, because computer software is now, undeniably, running the world for us.
  • Our tone will be generally informal, even chatty, for a good defense against an increasingly complex life.
  • Some pompous people may get offended, but we will not libel anyone.

Bob Bemer
Scripps Howard
News Service

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Bob's ASCII license

License plate of Bob Bemer's Ford Expedition
Steve Hebert / Abilene Reporter-News

Computer Software Consultant, Futurist and Raconteur:
Specialties: Standards, history, alternative methods and inventive solutions
Key responsibilities: Architectural & visionary lead consultant for major software
and marketing development projects.
Motto (original) for a Half-Century:    ((((DO SOMETHING!) SMALL) USEFUL) NOW!)

Contact Information - Bob & Bettie Bemer:   is our preferred e-mail address
      Home Phone: 940-779-4016      Fax: 940-779-2296

Note 1: According to Admiral Grace Hopper, who called herself "Grandmother of"
Note 2: According to Admiral Grace Hopper, told at COBOL Pioneers Day, 1979
Note 3: According to the Annals of the History of Computing
Note 4: According to Interface Age Magazine, 1978                
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