A cadKIT™ for Processing (v1.0) for Object Oriented Geometry.
Based on (anar+) parametric modeling scheme is a KIT of libraries.

anar+ by LaBelle + Nembrini


  • Geometric Associativity (aka Parametric Modeling)
  • Simple 3D Scenegraph
  • Geometric datastructure (groups, objects, faces, lines, points)
  • Extended Geometric manipulations\transformations
  • Objects based modular renders
  • Export for various CAD formats (though metaScripts)
  • Particles Physic Simulation
  • Logo like operations (for LSystems)
  • Optimizations engines (PSO,GA)
  • Cardinal curves and surfaces
  • Camera, view and walkthrough






  anar is the main geometry library. Other libraries depends on anar.
  pso is a particle-swarm optimization.
  rad is radiance wrapper for anar. It enable the use of radiance within anar for accurate lightning simulation.
  voronoi is a voronoi library for anar.
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**Usually, Mac users have JAVA 1.4 installed. Mac users might prefer to use anarVxxRW.zip.

anar+ is compatible with Processing v1.0., and Oog versions are be compatible with Processing V135 only (and not longer supported). anar+ have been tested on Ubuntu,XP, Java 1.6, Processing 1.0 and Mac (with anarRW), Java 1.5, Processing 1.0.

Java 1.6Java 1.4psoradvoronoichanges
  anarV20  anarV20RW
  anarV19  anarV19RW
  anarV18  anarV18RW
  anarV17  anarV17RW
  anarV16  anarV16RW
  anarV15  anarV15RW
  anarV14  anarV14RW



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