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Love Will Win
Is This the Season
Well, the City
All the Little Ways
I'd Like to Wake My Baby
Hello Dolly
Last Night
I Can Be Like Open Arms
Can You Boogie?
Now and Then
A Modern Romantic
I Thought of Calling Her
The Makers and the Shakers and the Mountains
I Am the Wall

is it just like you want it
look how the sky opened up
do what you came here to do
night has come
popular music
during our vows
be magic
i'd like to wake my baby

darlin' darlin'
even the darkest saddest night

last night we walked
tonight it's cold
say the darkness
come and lay your body down
i would give you my heart
when the sky is gone
tropical storm
theres a sorrow
what do we want tonight
dear mother
making the home


'Despite the jarring loudness suggested by this release's title, Corbi Wright's music is utterly hushed and contemplative. Her voice swoops from a withery whisper to a raw PJ Harvey-esque emotiveness. The loose weave of her barebones, unstructured folk sits well alongside the recent likes of Wooden Wand & The Vanishing Voice or The Alps. We know this to be true 'cause we've played them back to back a few times, and it made for a very enjoyable listen that flowed exceptionally well. So there. And to tie things neatly together, AQ pal Mr. Jefre Cantu (member of The Alps, Tarentel among many others) assisted Ms Wright in the recording of these songs. Very nice.'
-review of Bang Bang Bang by Aquarius Records

'Very few people have the capacity to sound like seasoned pros when playing live on college radio, but singer-songwriter Corbi Wright does. Blessed with an angelic voice that brings to mind both the folky harmony of Joni Mitchell and the husky jazz of Norah Jones, she doesn't need much to keep an audience mesmerized. Accompanied mainly by acoustic guitar or the string instruments of her friends, Wright pens songs that are simple yet lovely ballads that evoke the kind of wintry, I-just-got-back-from-the-cold-and-want-to snuggle-with-someone-here-for-a-while type of imagery.'
-Stephanie Laemoa, 'Eight Days a Week' San Francisco Bay Guardian

'You know how I feel about those things I feel strongly about. Strongly. And you know what I'm talking about when I say that I know what I'm talking about. Do I have to spell it out for you? Maybe I should. The wonderful Vetiver? You know you first heard of them here years ago when I gave them their first press and described their self-released cd as "the best demo ever". Admit it. Now look at them. And Joanna Newsome? Same thing only different. My ears are perking again. Here is Corbi Wright's first solo release. It's tiny. Four songs. Short ones. Undeniably real stuff. Just a girl and her guitar. And the best songwriting I've heard since those aforementioned locals. Well, anyways, I found something really really good. And I know what I'm talking about. Keep your ears open.'
-review of 'Hi Guyz' by Alice Kenner, Luna Kafé


'Corbi Wright sets the mood with her stark, stripped down “What can I give to my love?” Wright softly croons over a sparse acoustic guitar, and “What can I give to my love” is accented with the sounds of birds and perhaps even a bus or two going by, giving the impression that Wright is singing in a public square, or perhaps a bus terminal. The music itself is chilling, though without its measure of hope as Wright delicately ends with “Evening, take our bodies home safely”. This quant feel, along with the quiet, pensive mood of the music, reveals warmth in Wright’s interpretation of “blue”, along with the longing and abstraction that one would expect from a song inspired by the color.'
-review of 'What Can I Give To My Love' (blue/dreams by degrees) by