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The Right Thing

Aired 3/27/85

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October 31, 1936 - July 1, 1991


Remember me with smiles and laughter,

for that is how I will remember you all

If you can only remember with tears,

then don't remember me at all

From Remember Me episode

 Little House on the Prairie

 Aired November 1975



A Remembrance Project for Michael Landon (the details)

       Michael Landon would have turned 70 on October 31, 2006 and the idea was born to mark the event with a celebration of Michael's work and legacy, both of which continue to touch and inspire legions of fans around the world. People have joined in celebrating the man and his legacy by:


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The voting at the TV_Vote website finally ended on August 13, 2008.

The final placement of Michael's shows on this poll were:

Bonanza - #3

Little House on the Prairie - #12

Highway to Heaven - #25



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The Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Ethics was co-founded by Rabbi Benjamin Herson and Michael Landon

and the great work started more than 20 years ago continues to this day.


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