The People Have Spoken Loud and Clear: Never Again!

November 2, 2010 Election Results: Chapple 314 v. Thorpe 233. Thank You!

Leroy Thorpe - Never Again!

Leroy Thorpe was an ANC commissioner in the Shaw neighborhood of Washington, DC for 18 years, until he was defeated in November 2006. Leroy Thorpe is running again for ANC commissioner, trying to regain his seat. (Thorpe is also on staff at the troubled DYRS which has been linked to heinous crimes that have made national news this year.). As of Nov. 3 2010, Leroy Thorpe has been defeated three times in a row in his quest for the coveted ANC 2C02 Commission seat. The people have spoken loud and clear: Never again!

This web site is dedicated to informing and reminding the Shaw community of Leroy Thorpe's legacy of bigotry and divisiveness in Shaw, and why it would be a disaster of he got back into office. We now have an ANC Commissioner who works for the good of the whole community.

Do not be fooled by the fake charm offensive he is using for the ANC campaign. Over the past year Thorpe maliciously filed a frivolous $20 million lawsuit against a neighbor. In the process, he gained another criminal conviction on his criminal record because he lied to the MPD 911 dispatcher — and he will be on Court ordered probation until mid 2011.

Thorpe is well known for his bigoted and divisive statements.

When Thorpe was the chair of ANC2C, he ran it like a personal fiefdom. Community members who he did not want to speak were not allowed to speak or were shouted down. His leadership of the ANC was irresponsible. After being defeated at the ballot box in 2006, he continued to run the ANC by proxy. He was appointed as "parliamentarian" by the new ANC2C chair Doris Brooks, who always waited for him to whisper instructions in her ear before doing anything. Thorpe and Brooks tried and failed to prevent the public from videotaping ANC meetings. Why are they so afraid of openness? ANC meetings during the period when Thorpe was "parliamentarian" were a travesty.

Never again should Leroy Thorpe be elected to public office!

Please DO NOT VOTE for this joker for ANC2C02 commissioner on November 2!

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