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Brought together in the autumn of 2006 by Channel 4's 4Laughs site, these five comedy writers have taken the first steps on a road towards the begining of a quest that may ultimately lead them onto a journey of self-discovery and possibly even some biscuits.

The roster has changed slightly over the years, with Jack departing to pastures new, Frank and Martin taking a back seat, but we are still as hungry as ever, especially for chips.

Refusing to rest on their laurels and certainly not their hardys, they are determined to inflict their unique brand of retro-surreal humor on the world at large, medium and if need be, small.

JunkMales Live
The Midlife Crisis

They said it couldn't happen, they said it shouldn't happen but by jove it is. Join Dave and Danny as we embark on the show that is our MidLife Crisis. This Extravaganza takes place on the Monday the 3rd of May, and again June the 7th, at the famous Etcetera Theatre, Camden as part of the Double Bill's Funny Package. Including sketches about tigers, at least one childs phone and possibly even a flipchart.

Details can be found on the facebook here.