Wilderness Ventures was created in 1973 with the clear purpose to help kids and young adults discover a new world they are not used to. The general idea is to promote outdoor activities and bring back old memories from an old fashioned and traditional childhood. Youngsters today no longer value the importance of nature, mostly because they are not used to it. Instead, they spend most of their time indoors, playing video games and using the Internet. Wilderness Ventures tries to change this vision and mentality a little.

A couple of decades ago, every kid dreamed about a tree house. Every kid would enjoy a trip in the mountains. These days, things have changed, but this program successfully represents its philosophy. Founded by two parents, the program became the most important such name in the United States of America, with around 5% of its participants reaching from other countries. It is definitely a success and this is because of the ambition and dedication of these people.

The philosophy of Wilderness Ventures goes further than that though. Taking youngsters in the nature and educating them on new civilizations and the importance of natural life represent two different aspects that have some hidden meanings as well. Such a program can completely change your kid. Send your kid to one trip and he will definitely be hooked in for the upcoming programs too. Meeting new people and most importantly, sharing the same ideologies and preferences, will seriously have your child make a lot of new friends. At the same time, the life in nature will develop new skills. Don’t expect your kid to be back just like he left, but more responsible, careful, self-confident and tolerant. The social skills will be improved as well, especially in a new environment with a lot of new people.

Finally, Wilderness Ventures has been created with the safety idea in mind. Therefore, this aspect is always first. There hasn’t been any Wilderness Ventures death cases recorded, mostly due to the professionalism and care of the leaders. They are real educators and professors from the educational domain. Minor scratches may be popular in such camping trips, but Wilderness Ventures death cases or major accidents are out of discussion. All in all, the philosophy of this program is to help kids grow in a better and more responsible way, while the childhood is taken back to its traditional meaning, with fun games and new friends.




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