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Effective Monday, December 3, 2012, Halifax Regional Municipality has three Community Councils, each consisting of five to six districts. Community Councils consider local matters, make recommendations to Regional Council, and provide opportunities for public input.

Please see the individual Community Council pages to find agendas, reports, & minutes.


Live Community Council Video
Live Community Council Audio
Please note that live video & audio webstreaming for Community Councils is currently a pilot project. During this time webstreaming will be available only for certain meetings. When webstreaming is scheduled to occur it will be noted on the Community Council agenda.


Community Councils:

Halifax and West Community Council

Harbour East - Marine Drive Community Council


North West Community Council


Names of Community Councils may change by resolution of the Commmunity Council.



Which district do I live in? Who is my Councillor?

Public Participation

Archived Community Councils


Public Participation

There are three main ways for citizens to express themselves at Community Council meetings:

Public Hearings


Public Participation

Public Hearings



Public hearings on various issues (rezoning, new developments, etc) are advertised in the local media in advance of the hearing date.

Citizens who wish to address Community Council on the issue may do so at the Public Hearing. Each speaker may only speak once and for a maximum of five minutes. The time period is to accommodate as many citizens as possible to address the Councillors during the Public Hearing.

Public Hearings - Frequently Asked Questions

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Citizens may state their views or comments to Community Council during the "Presentations" segment of the meeting agenda.

Those wanting to make a presentation to Community Council are asked to notify the Municipal Clerk's Office by email or in writing, in advance.

Criteria for presentations is outlined in Administrative Order One, Section 32 "Delegations" (page 15).

If appropriate, a date for the presentation will be set and the presenter(s) will be notified. Each presenter will be allotted a maximum of five minutes to make their presentation to Community Council.

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Public Participation

Time is usually allotted at the end of each meeting of Community Council to allow citizens to pose questions or provide comments to Councillors, through the Chair.

Each citizen may speak for up to five (5) minutes.

Questions should be kept brief and whenever possible, directed to a specific Councillor(s).

Topics which are scheduled for an upcoming Public Hearing may not be addressed during the Public Participation .

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