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Paramdham Ashram

Vinobaji came to Wardha in 1922 to start a Satyagraha Ashram on the lines of one at Ahmedabad. In 1938, he settled down in a place located on the banks of the river Dham - 9 kms east of Wardha and 6 kms away from Sevagram. Vinobaji named the Ashram as "Paramdham". He started many spiritual-social activities and experiments. Once while tilling the land deep, Vinobaji found a 1500 year old stone-carved relic bearing the image of Ram-Bharat. This found a center place the Ashram Temple. Thus it perhaps is the first and only temple of Bharat-Ram.

As the first satyagrahi in the Individual Satyagraha Movement in 1940, Vinobaji started the movement from this place. In 1951, he started from here the Bhoodan Yatra (Land-gift Movement). For 13 years, he walked all over the country asking for land for the landless. In the mean time he founded Brahm Vidya Mandir in 1959. The purpose is to offer women the possibility of a deeply contemplative life overflowing in fruitful activities for the good of society.

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