On Campus


    USC Athletic Department Directory

    Main department phone numbers, on-campus addresses with mail code extensions, e-mail addresses, and direct phone lines.

    All numbers are 213 area code unless otherwise indicated.

    ALUMNI HOUSE 740-2300 ALM, mc0461
    ATHLETIC ADMINISTRATION 740-3843 HER 203A, mc0602
    BOOKSTORE 740-5200 BKS, mc2540
    EQUIPMENT ROOM 740-7862 HER BAS, mc0601
    EVENT RESERVATIONS 740-4164 HER 203A, mc602
    FOOTBALL 740-4204 JMC, mc0602
    GALEN DINING CENTER 740-0704 HER 203A, mc0602
    GROUP SALES/KIDS CORNER 740-4170 HER 203B, mc0602
    LYON CENTER 740-5127 LRC, mc2500
    SPORTS INFORMATION 740-8480 HER 103, mc0601
    TICKET OFFICE 740-GOSC (4672) STU 100, mc4893
    TRAINING ROOM 740-5845 JMC, mc0602
    TROJAN ATHLETIC FUND 740-4155 HER 203A, mc0602
    TROJAN MARCHING BAND 740-6317 STO B, mc1141
    WEIGHT ROOM 740-7990 JMC, mc0602


    3501 Watt Way
    Los Angeles, CA 90089-0602
    W Soccer, M/W Golf, W Rowing, M/W Tennis, W Lacrosse

    940 W. 35th St., Los Angeles, CA 90089

    1026 34th St. Los Angeles, CA 90089-2511
    M/W Swimming & Diving, M/W Water Polo

    Herbert V. Nootbaar Baseball Office and Hall of Fame Complex
    1021 Childs Way, Los Angeles, CA 90089-7311

    3550 McClintock Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90089-0602
    M/W Track & Field, W Cross Country

    3400 S. Figueroa St., Los Angeles, CA 90089-2360
    M/W Basketball, M/W Volleyball, W Sand Volleyball

    BASEBALL 740-5479
    COMPLIANCE (MAIN) 740-6744
    EQUIPMENT ROOM 740-9864
    FOOTBALL (HEAD COACH) 740-6665
    GALEN CENTER (ARENA) 740-0901
    GAME MANAGEMENT 821-1075
    MEN'S BASKETBALL 740-7586
    MEN'S/WOMEN'S GOLF 740-5777
    MEN'S TENNIS 740-3988
    MENTOR PROGRAM 740-3185
    TICKET OFFICE 740-4300
    TRACK AND FIELD 740-7289
    TRAINING ROOM (McKAY CENTER) (888) 674-7356

    ADMINISTRATION | 740-3843 | HER 203A
    Charles Griffin Cale Director of Athletics' Chair Pat Haden 740-3843 E-mail
    Senior Associate Athletic Director Steve Lopes 740-4158 E-mail
    Senior Associate Athletic Director John K. McKay 740-9842 E-mail
    Senior Associate Athletic Director Mark Jackson 740-9300 E-mail
    Senior Associate Athletic Director (SWA) Dr. Donna C. Heinel 740-1636 E-mail
    Associate Athletic Director Marilee Pischel 740-9021 E-mail
    Assistant Athletic Director / Business Manager Isaac Flores 740-4153 E-mail
    Assistant Athletic Director / Business Manager Andrea Katz 740-4174 E-mail
    Assistant Business Manager Brendan Loftus 740-6333 E-mail
    Director of Administration (Olympic Sports) Kyrah McCowan 740-4176 E-mail
    Director of Admissions and Initial Eligibility Alex Garfio 740-5326 E-mail
    Executive Asstistant to the Athletic Director Heather Dunn 740-4154 E-mail
    Receptionist / Office Assistant Rebecca Morin 740-3843 E-mail
    Receptionist / Galen Center TBD 740-0626 E-mail
    TROJAN ATHLETIC FUND | 740-4155 | HER 203A
    Senior Associate Athletic Director Don Winston 740-4163 E-mail
    Senior Associate Athletic Director Ron Orr 740-4161 E-mail
    Associate Athletic Director Scott Jacobson 740-2498 E-mail
    Associate Athletic Director Jennifer Noriega 740-1677 E-mail
    Assistant Athletic Director Alexandra Bitterlin 740-4168 E-mail
    Assistant Athletic Director Gregory Millward 821-0754 E-mail
    Director of Development Julian Bonse 821-5357 E-mail
    Director of Development Karen Bowman 740-9374 E-mail
    Director of Development Jessica Dugaw 740-4167 E-mail
    Assistant Director Andres Anton Diaz 740-3844 E-mail
    Assistant Director Melinda Marino 821-1172 E-mail
    Heritage Initiative Chair Barbara Hedges 821-5358 E-mail
    Heritage Initiative Chair John Robinson 740-4155 E-mail
    Development Assistant Becky Gramstrup 740-6563 E-mail
    Development Assistant Jill Dennis 740-9321 E-mail
    MARKETING | 740-4170 | HER 203A
    New Media, Strategic Partnerships, and Licensing
    Associate Athletic Director (New Media Strategic Partnerships) Jose Eskenazi 740-9872 E-mail
    New Media and Strategic Partnerships Manager Carey Noakes 740-0643 E-mail
    USCTrojans.com Executive Producer Rich Rodriguez 821-2630 E-mail
    Producer TBA 821-2630  
    Producer Kyle Jacobsen 821-2630 E-mail
    Director of Social Media Jordan Moore 821-2630 E-mail
    Marketing and Game Day/Fan Experience
    Associate Athletic Director (Marketing) Craig Kelley 740-4173 E-mail
    Assistant Director of Marketing Sean Jordan 740-6158 E-mail
    Assistant Director of Marketing Jessica Onyepunuka 740-4097 E-mail
    Marketing Coordinator Daniel Zerunyan 740-3378 E-mail
    Graphic Designer Jennifer Griner 821-0438 E-mail
    Matt Barkley Community Outreach Director Matt Ackels 740-1533 E-mail
    Ticket Sales and Service
    Associate Athletic Director (Ticket Sales and Service) Tim Martin 740-1386 E-mail
    Director of Ticket Sales and Service Matt Rousso 821-6154 E-mail
    Account Executive Joe Aguirre 821-6150 E-mail
    Account Executive Joe Bisson 821-6159 E-mail
    Account Executive Kyle Fujimoto 821-6152 E-mail
    Account Executive Nicole Mellom 821-6155 E-mail
    Account Exectuive Stacie Tam 821-6157 E-mail
    Account Executive Jason Thornberry 821-6156 E-mail
    USC SPORTS PROPERTIES (A Division of Home Team Sports & FOX Sports)
    * For corporate sponsorship inquiries, call (213) 821-5294
    Vice President, General Manager Dan Shell 821-5294 E-mail
    Director of Corporate Partnerships Scott Gwartz 821-5297 E-mail
    Director of Corporate Relations DeShá Runnels 821-5317 E-mail
    Director of Partner Services Lagen Tuckman 821-5319 E-mail
    Director of Sales Matt Wells 740-7780 E-mail
    Account Executive Nick Cartan 821-4543 E-mail
    Coordinator of Partner Services Tyler Hornacek 821-4542 E-mail
    Associate Athletic Director Hatcher Parnell 740-4166 E-mail
    Assistant Athletic Director Jeff Fucci 821-6596 E-mail
    Director of Game Management Todd Davis 740-4199 E-mail
    Assistant Director of Game Management Ryan Maier 821-1083 E-mail
    Assistant Director of Game Management Michael Pullins 740-3834 E-mail
    Director of Athletic Security Rick Carr 740-1278 E-mail
    Administrative Assistant Chanel Buccola 821-4544 E-mail
    Information Technology
    Director of Information Technology Johnny Liu 821-1084 E-mail
    Assistant Director of Information Technology David Han 821-1084 E-mail
    John McKay Center
    Facility Coordinator David Lopez 740-4204 E-mail
    Galen Center
    Assistant Athletic Director / Galen Center General Manager Carl Reed 740-1381 E-mail
    Galen Center Event Manager Shelby Avol 740-0351 E-mail
    Galen Center Office Manager TBD    
    SPORTS INFORMATION | 740-8480 | HER 103
    Sports Information Director Tim Tessalone 740-3811 E-mail
    (Football, M Volleyball)      
    Associate Director Paul Goldberg 740-3805 E-mail
    (Football, M/W Swimming and Diving, M/W Golf)      
    Assistant Director Rachel Caton 740-3809 E-mail
    (Baseball, Soccer)      
    Assistant Director Darcy Couch 740-3808 E-mail
    (W Basketball, M/W Water Polo, M/W Tennis)      
    Assistant Director David Tuttle 740-3806 E-mail
    (M Basketball, M/W Track and Field, Cross Country)      
    Assistant Director Jeremy Wu 740-3807 E-mail
    (W Volleyball, Sand Volleyball, Lacrosse, Rowing, Football Stats)    
    Fax   740-7584
    EQUIPMENT | 740-7862 | HER BAS
    Director of Equipment Operations Todd Hewitt 740-7862 E-mail
    Director of Football Equipment Operations David B. Scott 740-7382 E-mail
    Assistant Tino Dominguez 740-7862 E-mail
    Assistant Greg Allen 740-7862 E-mail
    Assistant Jim Davis 740-7862 E-mail
    Assistant Chris Dozal 740-7862 E-mail
    Assistant Tremarri Limbrick 740-7862 E-mail
    Assistant Seth Svendsen 740-7862 E-mail
    Assistant (Galen Center) Libby Garcia 740-0927 E-mail
    Head Coach Ivan Lewis 740-0068 E-mail
    Assistant Coach Christopher Chase 821-7371 E-mail
    Assistant Coach Kelly Dormandy 821-7370 E-mail
    Assistant Coach Tatyana Obukhova 821-3141 E-mail
    Assistant Coach Tim Ojeda 740-7867 E-mail
    Assistant Coach Mark Philipp 740-7990 E-mail
    Assistant Coach Keith Belton 740-4186 E-mail
    Assistant Coach Grant Steen 740-0067 E-mail
    Assistant Coach (Galen Center) Brent Metz 740-0862 E-mail
    Assistant Coach (Galen Center) Kurtis Shultz 740-5118 E-mail
    VIDEO OPERATIONS | 740-6803 | JMC
    Director Eric Espinoza 821-1862 E-mail
    Assistant Daniel Dmytrisin 740-4305 E-mail
    Assistant Athletic Director of Sports Medicine / Head Athletic Trainer Russ Romano 740-6848 E-mail
    Assistant Athletic Trainer Paul Diaz 740-5845 E-mail
    Assistant Athletic Trainer Catherine Hill 740-5845 E-mail
    Assistant Athletic Trainer Hillery Magness 740-5845 E-mail
    Assistant Athletic Trainer Sandra Olsen 740-0878 E-mail
    Assistant Athletic Trainer Justin Shibel 740-5845 E-mail
    Assistant Athletic Trainer Jon Yonamine 740-5845 E-mail
    Assistant Athletic Trainer (Galen Center) Lisa Noceti-DeWit 740-5845 E-mail
    Assistant Athletic Trainer (Galen Center) Rachel Schlachet 740-0878 E-mail
    Assistant Athletic Trainer (Galen Center) Abbie Wonnell 740-0891 E-mail
    Physical Therapist John Meyer 740-5845 E-mail
    Physical Therapist Drew Morcos 740-5845 E-mail
    Physical Therapist Sports Resident Jon Hernandez 740-5845 E-mail
    Sports Dietition Kristy Morrell 740-7647 E-mail
    Sports Dietition Becci Twombley 740-7647 E-mail
    Head Team Physician / Orthopedics James Tibone
    Director of Sports Medicine / Internal Medicine John Brodhead
    Cardiologist Mark Lurie
    Chiropractor Edward Scale
    Emergency Dental Ramon Roges
    Family Practice Jorge Bernardez
    General Surgeon Chester Semel
    Internal Medicine Alan Erlbaum
    Internal Medicine Francis Te
    Neurosurgeon Michael Apuzzo
    Neurosurgeon Charles Liu
    Orthopedics Seth Gamradt
    Orthopedics Rick Hatch
    Orthopedics Jason Snibbe
    Orthopedics Thomas Vangsness
    Orthopedics (Spinal) Robert Watkins
    Otolaryngology John Hubanks
    Physical Therapy Steve Reischl
    Senior Associate Athletic Director Dr. Magdi El Shahawy 740-0885 E-mail
    Director of Athletic Academic Advising John Mosbach 821-2057 E-mail
    Assistant Director of Athletic Advising Heather Bell 740-0534 E-mail
    Assistant Director of Athletic Advising Kyle Ross 821-4137 E-mail
    Director of Athletic Academic Support Dr. Denise Kwok 821-3075 E-mail
    Assistant Director of Athletic Academic Support Mimi Butler 740-0069 E-mail
    Directed Studies Program Assistant Cory Buckner 740-3801 E-mail
    Academic Counselor Susie Cognetta 740-1625 E-mail
    Academic Counselor Alicia Kaptein 821-0753 E-mail
    Academic Counselor Kam Klaver 740-3801 E-mail
    Academic Counselor Whitney Rotrock 740-5098 E-mail
    Tutorial Coordinator Dr. Jennifer Castro 740-3802 E-mail
    Learning Specialist Dr. Kevin Bolen 740-3801 E-mail
    Learning Specialist Martin Jauregui 821-6200 E-mail
    Learning Specialist Marisa Samaniego 821-5832 E-mail
    Director of Student Services Monica Morita 740-4157 E-mail
    Assistant Director of Student Services Jennifer Amran 821-0755 E-mail
    Academic Monitor Willie Brown 740-5646 E-mail
    Mentor Coordinator Maria Juliani 740-0677 E-mail
    Information Technology Director Alan Hong 740-3794 E-mail
    Executive Assistant to the Director Joyce Hirayama 740-3801 E-mail
    COMPLIANCE | 740-3832 | BKS 402 and HER203A
    Faculty Athletic Representative Clare Pastore 821-4410 E-mail
    Vice President for Athletic Compliance David M. Roberts 740-6127 E-mail
    Director of Compliance Joyce Bell 740-3566 E-mail
    Director of Compliance Paul Perrier 740-5466 E-mail
    Director of Compliance Kevin Sergent 740-9157 E-mail
    Director of Compliance Scott Simon 740-0543 E-mail
    Assistant Director of Compliance Brad Boswell 740-5544 E-mail
    Assistant Director of Compliance Aaron Price 740-0542 E-mail
    Assistant Director of Compliance Kyle Waterstone 740-2528 E-mail
    Assistant Director of Compliance Nathan Wood 740-2461 E-mail
    Administrative Assistant Gigi Shapiro 740-6127 E-mail
    EQUITY & DIVERSITY | 740-5086 | FIG 202
    Title IX Coordinator Jody Shipper 740-5086 E-mail
    FOOTBALL | 740-4204 | JMC
    Head Coach Steve Sarkisian 821-7375 E-mail
    Offensive Line Coach / Running Game Coordinator Tim Drevno 740-4204 E-mail
    Offensive Coordinator / Quarterbacks Coach Clay Helton 740-4190 E-mail
    Defensive Backs Coach / Pass Game Coordinator Defense Keith Heyward 740-4204 E-mail
    Wide Receivers Coach / Pass Game Coordinator Tee Martin 740-4131 E-mail
    Running Backs Coach / Special Teams Coordinator / Assistant Head Coach Johnny Nansen 740-4204 E-mail
    Linebackers Coach / Recruiting Coordinator/Associate Head Coach Defense Peter Sirmon 740-4204 E-mail
    Tight Ends Coach / Associate Head Coach Offense Marques Tuiasosopo 740-4204 E-mail
    Defensive Coordinator Justin Wilcox 740-4204 E-mail
    Defensive Line Coach Chris Wilson 740-4204 E-mail
    Strength and Conditioning Coach Ivan Lewis 740-7990 E-mail
    Director of Player Personnel Scott Thompson 740-4003 E-mail
    Director of Football Operations Jared Blank 740-6665 E-mail
    Graduate Assistant Coach Ross Cumming 740-4204 E-mail
    Graduate Assistant Coach Kyle DeVan 740-4204 E-mail
    Graduate Assistant Coach Jaron Fairman 740-4204 E-mail
    Graduate Assistant Coach Daniel Razore 740-4204 E-mail
    Offensive Administrative Assistant Steve Murillo 740-4204 E-mail
    Offensive Administrative Assistant Lenny Vandermade 740-4204 E-mail
    Offensive Administrative Assistant Eric Ziskin 740-4204 E-mail
    Defensive Administrative Assistant Richard Brown 740-4204 E-mail
    Defensive Administrative Assistant Keynodo Hudson 740-4204 E-mail
    Executive Assistant to Head Coach Cheryl Taplin 821-7375 E-mail
    Administrative Assistant Catherine Rollinson 740-4204 E-mail
    McKay Center Administrative Assistant Reaghan Foley 740-4204 E-mail
    BASEBALL | 740-5762 | BDF
    Head Coach Dan Hubbs 740-8446 E-mail
    Assistant Coach Gabe Alvarez 740-8448 E-mail
    Assistant Coach Matt Curtis 740-8447 E-mail
    Assistant Coach Vinny Lopez 740-5762 E-mail
    Director of Baseball Operations Martin Butterick 740-1922 E-mail
    Assistant Director of Baseball Operations Apoorv Gaur 740-5762 E-mail
    MEN'S BASKETBALL | 740-3815 | GAP
    Head Coach Andy Enfield 740-3815 E-mail
    Assistant Coach Tony Bland 740-6777 E-mail
    Assistant Coach Jason Hart 740-4806 E-mail
    Assistant Coach Kevin Norris 740-3817 E-mail
    Director of Operations Chris Capko 740-3821 E-mail
    Director of Basketball Administration Liz Friedman 740-1655 E-mail
    WOMEN'S BASKETBALL | 740-7204 | GAP
    Head Coach Cynthia Cooper-Dyke 740-3825 E-mail
    Associate Head Coach Beth Burns 740-3823 E-mail
    Assistant Coach Taja Edwards 821-2980 E-mail
    Assistant Coach Jualeah Woods 740-3826 E-mail
    Director of Operations Becky Adams 740-3824 E-mail
    Video Coordinator Erika Ruiz 821-0781 E-mail
    Administrative Assistant Jessika Carrington 740-7204 E-mail
    WOMEN'S CROSS COUNTRY | 821-2170 | LTS
    Head Coach David Freeman 821-2172 E-mail
    MEN'S GOLF | 740-3835 | HER 104
    Head Coach Chris Zambri 821-3010 E-mail
    Assistant Coach Tyler Goulding 740-0687 E-mail
    Volunteer Assistant Coach Jason Goldsmith 740-3835 E-mail
    Director of Golf Development Kurt Schuette 740-3835 E-mail
    WOMEN'S GOLF | 740-3835 | HER 104
    Head Coach Andrea Gaston 740-5421 E-mail
    Assistant Coach Justin Silverstein (858) 229-7458 E-mail
    Volunteer Assistant Coach Jim Gormley 740-3835 E-mail
    Director of Golf Development Kurt Schuette 740-3835 E-mail
    WOMEN'S LACROSSE | 740-0917 | GAP
    Head Coach Lindsey Munday 740-0917 E-mail
    Assistant Coach Devon Wills 740-0391 E-mail
    Assistant Coach Hilary Bowen 740-0368 E-mail
    Director of Operations Regan Bosch 821-6133 E-mail
    WOMEN'S ROWING | 740-3830 | HER 104
    Director of Rowing / Head Coach Zenon Babraj 740-3830 E-mail
    Assistant Coach Ligita Kaviere 740-3830 E-mail
    Assistant Coach Megan Biging 740-3831 E-mail
    Director of Operations/Rigger Doug Thiemann 280-9490 E-mail
    SAND VOLLEYBALL | 740-0855 | GAP
    Head Coach Anna Collier 740-0855 E-mail
    Assistant Coach Andrew Fuller 740-0855 E-mail
    Volunteer Assistant Coach Misty May-Treanor 740-0855 E-mail
    Director of Operations Kylie Atherstone 740-0855 E-mail
    WOMEN'S SOCCER | 740-1356 | HER 102
    Head Coach Keidane McAlpine 740-3849 E-mail
    Assistant Coach Jen Klein 740-6155 E-mail
    Assistant Coach Jason Lockhart 740-1356 E-mail
    Director of Operations Carla Hayden 740-3922 E-mail
    MEN'S & WOMEN'S SWIMMING & DIVING | 740-8444 | UAC
    Head Coach Dave Salo 740-8450 E-mail
    Assistant Coach Kevin Clements 740-8451 E-mail
    Assistant Coach Jeremy Kipp 740-8456 E-mail
    Assistant Coach Catherine Vogt 740-8444 E-mail
    Head Diving Coach Hongping Li 740-8445 E-mail
    Volunteer Assistant Coach Victoria Ishimatsu 740-8445 E-mail
    Director of Operations Paul Davidson 740-8452 E-mail
    Administrative Assistant Vanessa Rideau 821-3189 E-mail
    MEN'S TENNIS | 740-3829 | HER 203A
    Head Coach Peter Smith 740-3829 E-mail
    Assistant Coach Kris Kwinta 821-4425 E-mail
    Director of Operations Jamie Gelbart Herndon 821-4426 E-mail
    WOMEN'S TENNIS | 740-3828 | HER 203A
    Head Coach Richard Gallien 740-3828 E-mail
    Assistant Coach West Nott 740-8874 E-mail
    Volunteer Assistant Coach Barbara Hallquist DeGroot 821-4426 E-mail
    Director of Operations Jamie Gelbart Herndon 821-4426 E-mail
    MEN'S & WOMEN'S TRACK & FIELD | 821-2170 | LTS
    Director of Track and Field Caryl Smith Gilbert 821-2170 E-mail
    Assistant Coach - Distance David Freeman 821-2172 E-mail
    Assistant Coach - Throws Dan Lange 740-3836 E-mail
    Assistant Coach - Jumps Berry Shumpert 740-7016 E-mail
    Assistant Coach Loreal Smith 740-9422 E-mail
    Assistant Coach - Sprints Quincy Watts 740-3834 E-mail
    Volunteer Assistant Coach - Pole Vault Brysun Stately    
    Volunteer Assistant Coach - Sprints Dee Dee Trotter    
    Volunteer Assistant Coach - Hurdles Ryan Wilson    
    Director of Operations Mary Angell 821-2171 E-mail
    Administrative Assistant Gwen Clementin 821-2170 E-mail
    MEN'S VOLLEYBALL | 740-3838 | GAP
    Head Coach Bill Ferguson 740-3838 E-mail
    Assistant Coach Cameron Green 740-3839 E-mail
    Assistant Coach Jeff Nygaard 740-0854 E-mail
    Volunteer Assistant Coach John Xie 740-3838 E-mail
    Video / Technical Operations Jason Kennedy 740-0849 E-mail
    Director of Operations Kylie Atherstone 740-0855 E-mail
    WOMEN'S VOLLEYBALL | 740-8444 | GAP
    Head Coach Mick Haley 821-2952 E-mail
    Assistant Coach Tim Nollan 740-0640 E-mail
    Assistant Coach Cookie Stevens 740-4206 E-mail
    Volunteer Assistant Coach John Xie 740-3838 E-mail
    Video / Technical Operations Jason Kennedy 740-0849 E-mail
    Director of Operations Shea McBrearty 740-4151 E-mail
    MEN'S & WOMEN'S WATER POLO | 740-8444 | UAC
    Head Coach Jovan Vavic 740-8453 E-mail
    Head Assistant Coach Marko Pintaric 740-8458 E-mail
    Assistant Coach Casey Moon 740-5985 E-mail
    Assistant Coach Stefan Luedecke 740-2159 E-mail
    Administrative Assistant Vanessa Rideau 821-3189 E-mail
    TICKET OFFICE | 740-4672 (GO SC) | STU 100
    Director Lauren Ranieri 740-4672