108 Sun Salutes #8

I’m on a mission to do 108 sun salutes, 108 times, to help raise money for families affected by addiction and violence. 

The next one is on June 21 at 10 am.  Here’s the poster:

108 sun salutes on June 21

Those of you who have been before know how much fun it is.  Those of you who haven’t been, here is some more information.

What’s a sun salute?

It’s a yoga thing. You move through a series of nine postures using your breath as a guide. Inhale, you do one posture. Exhale, you do the next posture. Until you finish. And then you start again. Of course there are a million videos on a YouTube. Here’s a really good one.

It’s not that hard

You might be thinking that 108 sun salutes is too hard. It’s not. In fact, it’s surprisingly easy. It takes about an hour and fifteen minutes and the time flies right by. If you can do one sun salute, then you can do 108 sun salutes.

How 108 sun salutes is different

You don’t hold down dog for five breaths in 108 sun salutes. Instead, you hold down dog for one exhale and then you move to the next posture. This makes it easier to do 108 sun salutes.

One other thing. You break the 108 sun salutes into “sets”. At the end of each “set” you hold down dog for five breaths. This is a good way to keep count and it helps you get into the flow.

Other modifications

  • Step the feet to the front and back of the mat
  • Child’s pose or bent-knee down dog instead of full downward facing dog
  • Cobra pose instead of upward facing dog
  • Bent knees or knees-chest-forehead to the floor instead of four-limbed-staff pose

Taking breaks

It’s OK to take a break whenever you feel tired or at a loss for breath. You can rest in child’s pose or by standing at the front of your mat and rejoin when you are ready.

New to yoga?

Don’t worry. 108 sun salutes is safe and fun for beginners. I’m an experienced yoga teacher with a daily home practice. I work with highly qualified teachers who encourage you to work within your limits, breathe, and do what feels good.

Why 108?

According to yogic tradition, 108 sun salutes are held on the solar equinox and solstices, as a way to embrace the changing season. The numbers “1”, “0”, and “8” refer to one thing, nothing, and everything. And the Tibetan mala, or rosary, has 108 beads. Learn more here.

108 sun salutes is a special event. It makes for a fantastic local fundraiser. It’s a fun way to build community and make connections.

108 sun salutes is a very cool meditative experience. It takes mental strength and focus to overcome inertia and lose yourself in movement. It’s also a really good workout. It strengthens your hamstrings, shoulders, chest, and triceps.

Sign up

Just show up on the day of the event, June 21 at 10 am in Central Park with cash, cheque or currently needed item for the Medicine Hat Women’s Shelter Society. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

Equity Crowd Funding

Spent the day in Calgary at an equity crowd funding conference. Learned so much and have so much to learn.

Equity crowd funding is the purchase of securities over the internet. It is where social media and high connectivity meets finance. With current exceptions, equity crowd funding is possible in Alberta and throughout Canada.

to purchase securities, go to a portal. I heard from the founders of four different portals. Sat at the table with two of them.

SeedUps, based out of Calgary, aims to be the go to for small business private equity. InvestX connects retail investors to private equity markets. OpenAvenue for real estate.

The securities commissions across Canada are actively watching this space. It’s a brand new sector fraught with risk and reward, fear and greed. Transparency is going to be key. How can I trust you? I have to be able to check you out online, see what you’re all about. Another reason to blog, versus twitter, linkedin, etc. Blogging shows a much higher level of engagement and transparency, especially with visible archives.

the economic developer in me sees this as a great levelling force for access to capital. Now the money will flow to the good ideas, wherever they are. The booming business right here in Medicine Hat now has access to Toronto’s capital.

With the right paperwork in place, anyone can invest. In Alberta, non-eligible investors can do up to $10,000. For the right type of company, this is just the thing.

It requires you be ready. Basically, if you are going to do equity crowd funding, you have to act like a public company. This is going to professionalize small business.

I’m going to be looking into this further over the coming months and years. Make it a theme of the blog. It’s not every day that you see a brand new class of capital invented. Equity crowd funding is going to be a game changer and  I want in on the ground floor.

p.s. I wrote this on me iPad. Hence the typos.

On Quitting

Quitting is not something I ever learned how to do.  Nobody ever taught me how to quit.

If anything, school taught me how to keep doing things that I didn’t want to do, like studying French and participating in track and field.  That I hated doing those things didn’t matter one bit. I had to keep doing them no matter what.

So.  School taught me to keep doing things I hated.  Drilled it into me.  “Winners never quit and quitters never win.”  Except.  It’s not true.  In fact, it’s ridiculous.  We all have to quit something at some point in our lives.  We’d go insane otherwise.

The trick is to quit gracefully.  Understand that nobody is going to judge you for quitting, as long as you have your reason.  State your reason and move on.  That’s the way to quit.