Let's makeover the world one garden at a time.  I'll provide the tools and fresh insight, if you're wiling to learn and experiment. Together we'll look at garden design in its traditional setting (well, sort of), plus explore it through non-traditional means. Are you ready for an over-the-top, manipulated adventure? 


I love garden design, but love teaching about it even more. Using my own experiences, paired with my illustration techniques and (newish) photography skills, I'll share my perspective on landscape graphics and garden design. You might even get a dose of opinion along the way.


Drawing is my communication tool.  I use illustration to teach, create emotion, and explore the fringe of what gardens can be. I also use illustration to expand the garden world into surface design.  If you can't have a garden, why not enjoy it on a set of dinner plates, a lovely print or a sumptuous quilt?