Saturday, May 31, 2014

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Waziristan Militants Revoke Peace Accord

A militant group in Pakistan's volatile North Waziristan tribal district says a peace accord with the Pakistani government has been revoked. More

Police collect evidence near the body of Farzana Parveen, who was stoned to death by her relatives in Lahore on May 27.

Pakistan Police Arrest 4 In Honor Killing

Pakistani police say they have arrested four men in connection with the case of a pregnant woman who was stoned to death by her own family, amid reports that the woman's husband had previously been arrested for killing his first wife. More

Husband: Pakistan Police Stood By As Wife Killed

The husband of a Pakistani woman who was stoned to death for marrying against her family's wishes says police stood by as his wife was killed. More

Leading Pakistani Taliban Faction Breaks Away

A leading faction of the Pakistani Taliban says it has split from the umbrella militant group. More

Pakistani Woman Stoned To Death

Police and a defense lawyer say a woman has been stoned to death by her family in front of a Pakistan high court for marrying the man she loved. More

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India's New Muscle Man, Narendra Modi

Now that he has completed his transformation from international pariah to prime minister, Narendra Modi is set to flex India's muscles on the world stage.

Explainer: Why Pakistan Is A Polio Breeding Ground

The number of polio cases worldwide has increased sharply in the past year, with Pakistan the main culprit. Here are four factors contributing to this situation.

Pakistani Journalist Caught In The Cross Fire

Hamid Mir's reputation as one of Pakistan's most revered -- and loathed -- journalists has come into focus amid a public debate over who riddled his body with bullets.

Interview: 'We Were Tackling The Symptoms Of The Disease'

In her new book, "The Wrong Enemy: America in Afghanistan, 2001-2014," "New York Times" journalist Carlotta Gall lays bare the extent of Pakistan's involvement in Afghanistan, accusing Islamabad of cynically driving the violence there and writing that "Pakistan, not Afghanistan, has been the true enemy."

Afghans Criticize Government’s Handling Of International Norouz Event

The Afghan government has angered many Afghans by ditching a plan to hold an international Norouz festival in a multimillion-dollar castle specifically built for the event.
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