DSC05696-x5-BRAZ-smlIn addition to Carefree designer clothes, Bags and Rags carries a wide range of accessories to liven up your outfit! Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it here at this store to explore.

The accessories Bags and Rags carries range from generic and inexpensive styles to goods that are handcrafted and completely unique. Styles we carry are fun, fresh and flirty. You can always find something that will turn your otherwise casual outfit into something elegant.

We get lots of compliments on our unique line of scarves. It’s amazing what a scarf can do for your look, and our embellished fashion and handcrafted crocheted scarves are perfect of enlivening any outfit.

Bags and Rags also carries a large selection of fashion sunglasses. In keeping with our philosophy, we carry as many different styles as possible. Our fashion sunglasses are great for keeping the Arizona sunshine at bay and adding a stylish touch to your look.

We love to make women look their best and one accessory we offer is our range of camis. Cami is short for ‘camisole.’ These are form-fitting undergarments that are both functional and fashionable. Bags and Rags carries a number of lines from different designers for you to choose from.

Leggings are another fashion accessory that you can use to liven up any outfit. Leggings offer lots of flexibility for enhancing your slacks, skirts or footwear, and they also help to keep you warm. No matter what the current fashion trends are, leggings are always a stylish and popular choice.

One of the things our customers love about Bags and Rags is that we’re constantly adding new items to our shelves. Our mission is to offer something funky and unique that stands apart from the regular department store fare. Bored with the accessories at your local mall? Bags and Rags is one of the Arizona boutiques that offers more!