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Turchynov Approves Establishing Special Legal Regime, Regulating Citizens' Rights And Freedoms In Temporarily Occupied Territories (15:59, Monday, April 28, 2014)


Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada/Acting President Oleksandr Turchynov has signed into the law establishing a special legal regime in temporarily occupied territories and regulating citizens' rights and freedoms in these territories, reads a statement made by the presidential press service.

The law provides for declaring the land territory of Crimea and Sevastopol, as well as the internal waters of this territory, and the undersea area as temporarily occupied territories.

Temporarily occupied territory is an indispensable part of the Ukrainian territory to which applies the Constitution and laws of Ukraine.

According to the document, Ukraine does not recognize forcible granting of foreign citizenship to residents of the occupied territory.

The law also provides for banning the activities of bodies established or elected in manners inconsistent with the Constitution and laws of Ukraine and declare the decisions of such bodies illegal.

Entering the occupied territory is not limited to Ukrainian citizens and requires no special permitting papers, they are only required to present the passport.

The law also spells out in detail the procedure of refugees from Crimea obtaining status of unemployed, social and financial aid, and also new job.

Private persons', enterprises', establishments' and organisations' ownership rights to property, including movable property and land lots, in the temporarily occupied territory preserves.

Meanwhile, any deal concluded in violation of Ukraine legislative requirements is invalid.

The law foresees that deals with immovable property of Crimea's residents should be carried out in the territory of mainland Ukraine.

The following is prohibited on this territory: import and export of military goods; organisation of rail, road, sea, river, ferry, and air services; usage of state resources (natural, financial, and credit) and money remittance.

Violators of requirements of this law will be punished under the Ukrainian legislation.

The law provides for holding Russia responsible for violations of human rights, protection of cultural heritage on these territories, and payment of damages.

The law envisages also a ban on organising and holding voting in temporarily occupied territories during parliamentary and presidential elections, and also during Ukraine-wide referendum.

Meanwhile, residents of temporarily occupied territories are guaranteed free expression of the will at elections in other Ukrainian territory (by way of changing place of voting without changing election address).

It also supposes that if authority of MP, elected under the majority system, from Crimea or Sevastopol is terminated ahead of time, early election in this constituency is not called.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, the Parliament passed this law in second reading on April 15.

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