The lawsuits Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster is facing – the TRUTH of the porn industry & organized crime

Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster commentary:

This is another side of Randazza Legal Group of which is not discussed on Marc Randazza’s official website or his blog The Legal Satyricon.

This is a chart and image map of the lawsuits I’m facing (read my official blog for details). It is the TRUTH of the porn industry and organized crime.

May 2014 Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster lawsuits truth of porn adult industry and orgranized crime

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I have documented the history (to my knowledge) and my interactions with the above individuals:

Diane Duke of the Free Speech Coalition, Sean Tompkins of TheRealPornWikiLeaks (TRPWL), Matthew Holder, Ari Bass aka Michael Whiteacre, Will Ryder aka Jeff Mullen, Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group, August Kurt Brackob aka Kurt Treptow and Julie Meadows aka Lydia Ann Lee on my various websites all linked through (namely,, &

Rob Black of AdultFYI labels Marc Randazza: “the pedophile supporting ambulance chaser”

article spotted on (click here) 

Condom Bill Passes Arts and Entertainment Committee; Why Is Anybody Surprised?
People leading the charge in porn have no idea how politics work
Let’s jump on the big porn news of the day.

AB 1576, the statewide condom mandate bill has officially passed the Assembly Arts and Entertainment Committee.

From XBIZ:

“Assembly Bill 1576, which would mandate condom use in all porn productions shot in California, passed the Assembly Arts & Entertainment Committee this morning 4-1.”

“Assembly members Ian Calderon, Marie Waldron, Richard Brown and Jimmy Gomez voted in support of the bill, which needed four votes to pass the committee. Assembly member Scott Wilk voted against the bill and Cheryl Brown abstained.”

“The bill’s hearing incited heated passion from contributors from both sides and committee moderators had to ask the crowd several times to quiet down. Today’s debate focused heavily on the economic impact of the bill on California, and whether or not a condom mandate will force the adult industry — and its revenue — into other states.”

““You have been told a lot by this bill’s opposition to make you question your previous decision to support your workers,” said Isadore Hall, the bill’s sponsor. “They question the constitutionality of the law and they claim the industry will leave California.””

“Hall called the idea that the industry would flee to Nevada “malarkey” and posited that adult filming is illegal in all states (including Nevada), except California and New Hampshire.
Adult industry attorney Mark Randazza…”

Great. No wonder the industry lost.

From all the lawyers, from Paul Cambria on down, you guys picked Marc Randazza, the guy who does business with a pedophile to speak at a committee hearing? Good job, everybody.

You do realize that Isadore Hall and everybody on the other side sat there and said, “Who’s coming to the committee hearing?” Then they named the people who were attending and Isadore Hall, who reads all the adult blogs said, “Oh, this Randazza guy promotes pedophilia. Slam dunk.”

Why our industry would let Marc Randazza near this hearing is beyond me. But that’s our industry. They don’t know how to fight back. They don’t know how to put up a fight. So in turn, we let a bunch of cuckoo birds speak for us.

Good job, dummies.

“Randazza explained that California and New Hampshire simply clarify that filming adult movies in those states is not prostitution, but do not specifically bar adult shoots. He added that he has personally seen the move of several large companies to Nevada.”

““I moved the first company from California to Nevada. That was about $25 million dollars that left California and went to Nevada…””

Marc Randazza, who is that company you lying douche? What company is doing 25 million dollars?

I’m telling ya, the adult industry is its own worst enemy. You guys shoot yourself in the foot every time you let morons like Marc Randazza speak. He says stuff like “California and New Hampshire simply clarify that filming adult movies in those states is not prostitution, but do not specifically bar adult shoots.” He acts like he’s talking to stupid porn people. All of these people on the committee are thinking, “So what you’re saying, Mr. Randazza, is that these states haven’t specifically banned shooting pornography, they have just not yet put a rule in place that says shooting pornography is not prostitution. So they could actually arrest people for making pornography and say it’s prostitution.” To which Randazza would reply, “Well… uhh… yes.” 

“Thank you. I vote yes. Next bill.”

Randazza’s next bullshit statement is “I moved the first company from California to Nevada. That was about $25 million dollars that left California and went to Nevada”

If I were on the committee, I would’ve asked, “Mr. Randazza, that’s an awful lot of money. Can you tell the committee who that company is so we can look up their tax return and verify the veracity of that claim? Oh, you can’t? So it’s a lie? OK, I’ve heard enough. I vote yes on AB 1576.”

There’s your spokesman. A guy who claims it’s legal to shoot in all these other states because they haven’t specifically banned it yet and California and New Hampshire have simply said that shooting porn is not prostitution, so any other state could still charge somebody with pandering and prostitution, so if California doesn’t let the porn industry do what it wants, it’ll just move, lock, stock and barrel into these other states.

Let’s continue with the Marc Randazza bullshit train:

““The Nevada political environment is very comfortable with this, very happy to have this industry. I moved to Nevada with that client, so I’m delighted to have this industry move there. My San Francisco office can serve them if they stay where they are, but if they move to Nevada, you are looking at one of the beneficiaries of it. It is simply not true that they won’t move there.””

“”We don’t want to go to Nevada, but we’re already making plans to do just that,” founder Peter Acworth said when he stood up to oppose the bill, giving credence to Randazza’s statement.””


“Many industry members attended the hearing to voice their dissent, including Kayden Kross, Diane Duke, Michael Chate, Lorelei Lee, Mo Reese, Acworth, Amber Chase, Arielle X, Karen Tynan, Princess Donna and others.”

Let me explain something to you. When you have a bill like this that affects the industry, you’re supposed to send in the big guns. Instead you send of a bunch of no name performers like Lorelei Lei, Amber Chase and Arielle X and company owners like Peter Acworth. Peter Acworth, the guy who was busted with cocaine and was suspected of firing guns at his studio in The Armory. I say suspected because he refused to let the San Francisco Police in to investigate and when he finally did, they smelled gunpowder and found cocaine on him and charged him with possession and obstruction. Karen Tynan, who works for the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee and also for pimp Derek Hay. Mo Reese, who basically picks up cum rags on porn sets. Kayden Kross, who was convicted of real estate fraud. And let’s not forget Princess Donna, who sets up escort gigs for a guy named Victor who gets drunk and abuses porn girls.

You don’t see Ron Jeremy there. You don’t see Asa Akira. You don’t see Jessica Drake. You don’t see Steve Orenstein, Steve Hirsch, John Stagliano, Jules Jordan, Jacky St. James, Scott Taylor. You don’t see attorneys Lou Sirkin and Paul Cambria. You don’t see any real players in the industry going up and getting involved in this meeting. Frank Koretsky, who’s got a philanthropic foundation and who is the biggest player in the business. Why isn’t Frank Koretsky there?

Do you guys see where I’m going with this?

How do you battle the city and state when you’re fighting with muskets and bows and arrows? How? You have no stealth bombers, no nuclear subs. Why? Because the real players won’t participate.

Steve Hirsch likes to be on camera. Steve Hirsch likes to appear presidential. Steve Hirsch is on reality shows, TMZ, he dated Melissa Rivers, he’s the celebrity sex tape king. Don’t you think it would’ve been politically effective to have him appear in front of this committee? Don’t you think it would had more impact if Axel Braun or Frank Koretsky had shown up and testified instead of Mo Reese the cum towel boy? The Assembly members would’ve been star struck to have a genuine celebrity in their midst like Steve Hirsch or Ron Jeremy. Don’t you think Steve Hirsch would’ve been able to articulate the industry concerns about this bill a little better than Marc Randazza or Peter Acworth?

Our industry sent Marc Randazza to tell this committee that he moved a 25 million dollar company from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. That is the most ludicrous statement I’ve ever read. I’ll bet this committee laughed under their breath when he said this. Do you know how much 25 million dollars is? What a fucking moron.

It would be so much easier to fight these battles if we had somebody who knew what the fuck they were doing. And I’m not talking about speakers who testify. All you need is a good puppet to spread the message. But we don’t even have that. We’re like the Democratic Party before Bill Clinton. We’re like the Democratic Party during the George W. Bush era, when we sent John Kerry against a president who was the worst president we ever had and lied us into a war. Democrats send a guy up there and take pictures of him wind sailing with his philandering vice president candidate playing with his hair. The Republicans send a bunch of veterans to call John Kerry a pussy and Kerry doesn’t say anything about it. That is basically what our business is. It’s the era of sending bad candidates when all the good candidates are saying, “I ain’t going up there. Until you guys give me a good support mechanism I ain’t putting by balls on the line.”

Our industry has no support mechanism. Nothing of the sort. So we put up people like Mo Reese, Amber Chase, Arielle X, Peter Acworth, Princess Donna and Marc Randazza. Marc Randazza says everybody can move to Las Vegas because porn’s legal there. Porn’s legal, but yes, they could bust you for prostitution. Thanks Randazza. So what you’re saying is I should move my entire operation, move my family, my employee’s families, everybody just uproot and go to Vegas? Then when the midterm elections roll around and someone wants to make some noise and score some points with the socially conservative crowd that I could take a bust for prostitution and/or pandering and go to prison? Is that what you’re saying? No thanks, I think I’ll stay here in California and deal with rubbers.

And Peter Acworth, this fucking moron. “I haven’t decided yet, but yeah I’ll move to Vegas.” We’ve talked about this jerk off Peter Acworth think he’s gonna set up shop in Vegas and do the exact same things he does in San Francisco, the most liberal city in the United States. Peter Acworth gets away with what he does because he’s in San Francisco. Peter Acworth has fundraisers for San Francisco politicians. I defy anyone to find a politician in Nevada who will align themselves with pornographers. Harry Reid almost lost his Senate seat to a conservative Tea Party candidate. Nobody in this business has any idea how real politics work. Peter Acworth thinks he’s gonna bring his freak show to Vegas and post up next to Sheldon Adelson at The Venetian.

This industry brings knives to a gun fight. Not even sharp knives. Our knives are dull, shitty and rusty. We have no idea what we’re doing. If we did, we would bring out the real players in the industry. Who would you rather have speak? Asa Akira, who has a book that came out that is in Barnes and Noble and was featured in The New York Post or Amber Chase? Who would you rather have talk? Peter Acworth or Steven Hirsch? Who would you rather hear as an attorney? Marc Randazza or Paul Cambria? Or Lou Sirkin?

Our industry doesn’t know what they’re doing. They’re just going through the motions. Why wouldn’t you have John Stagliano there? Somebody with HIV to represent the industry instead of having people with HIV be the ones who speak against the industry? Wouldn’t that be smarter?

You don’t need Rob Black to speak. You need somebody like me in the war room going “OK we need somebody with HIV. Check. OK we need some industry heavy hitters. Check. OK we need some star power.” What’s wrong with having Ron Jeremy up there? You throw Ron Jeremy a coupla hundred dollars and he’ll suck his own dick. Why don’t we send people who would make an impression on the committee members? Instead, we go up there with a rogues gallery of degenerates. Fucking dummies.

You guys are constantly given opportunities to prevail and you still fuck it up. Do you realize that one of the committee members is Ian Calderon, who is the nephew of disgraced and soon to be convicted State Senator Ron Calderon? Basically Ian Calderon’s entire family is corrupt and you guys couldn’t even figure out a way to use that to your advantage and discredit him. You could’ve shifted the entire focus away from Isadore Hall and his campaign and made it be about the Calderons and their corruption, even if it didn’t matter. That’s politics. You could’ve created such a distraction that they would’ve postponed this vote or cancelled it altogether.

You have a man voting for the fate of this business and his uncle is Ron Calderon. Ian Calderon is corrupt as well. He is under investigation for taking 40 thousand dollars from his father, former Assemblyman Charles Calderon for consulting work in an uncontested election. You say what does this have to do with the condom bill? Nothing, but it creates a diversion. It puts doubts in peoples minds about how corrupt the system is. It’s called politics.

It’s dirty politics and the industry has been getting fucked by dirty politics for years and when we get the chance to do some fucking back we don’t do anything because the leadership is fucking stupid. The leadership fails you.

You’ve got a guy who’s deciding our fate who is involved with two corrupt officials and are under investigation. And you guys sit back and play with your dicks and let them fuck you. You’re all ignorant motherfuckers. You got bitch slapped by one of the most corrupt officials in the State Assembly. How nobody said anything about this is pretty amazing. It really is. But that’s the adult business for you. Ian Calderon is part of this bill and nobody said a fucking word. Amazing.

You guys have no idea how real politics work. The people leading the charge are morons. People like Karl Rove, James Carville and Paul Begala don’t run for office. They work behind the scenes and win elections. Do you know how they do that? By using things like Ian Calderon and his family’s corruption to their advantage. The people in this business have no idea how to play in the big game of politics. They’re all a bunch of retarded children.

Why the adult industry doesn’t know any of this baffles me. Why the adult industry, with all of the money raised for Free Speech Coalition, doesn’t know how to wage a media propaganda war and know what they’re going up against is beyond me. I would’ve made this entire argument about Calderon. It would’ve been about Ian Calderon. I would’ve taken this entire debate about condoms away from Isadore Hall and made it about Ian Calderon and his corruption.

What I’m talking about is what is done in politics every hour of every day of every week of every month of every year. This was a fucking gift. Ian Calderon was a gift to this business and this business dropped the ball. The State Assembly made it so fucking easy to go in there and trample them and what did we bring them? Mo Reese, the cum towel jockey. Peter Acworth, the coked out gun nut. Kayden Kross, the convicted land scammer. Marc Randazza, the pedophile supporting ambulance chaser.

The minute it was known that Ian Calderon was on the committee, there should’ve been a campaign to have him removed from the vote. There should’ve been statements to the press denouncing him and his corruption. You would’ve made headlines and the vote would’ve been defeated or cancelled. Instead, we brought them a bunch of nobodies with a petition they threw in the trash.

This industry worries about Chase Bank closing some porn stars dick sucking accounts and Belle Knox. Everything this business worries about doesn’t affect the grand scheme of our industry. What affects this industry is what happened Tuesday. What happened Tuesday is that we were given a gift and we dropped the ball.


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Debt Bondage, Sex Trafficking, Randazza Legal Group & Alexandra Mayers return to porn – a Monica At Home EASTER special

Click here for the screencaps & evidence from today’s webcast
the real ari bass aka michael whiteacre

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On today’s special Easter edition of Monica At Home – I announce my possible return to the pornographic industry due to currently being named in a frivolous lawsuit by Jennifer of Randazza Legal Group – which is an effort to enslave me to Marc Randazza via debt bondage.

I believe Marc Randazza has a relationship with the Nevada brothels via Ari Bass aka Michael Whiteacre, Sean Tompkins (TRPWL) and Marc Spiegler. I believe their goal is to essentially sextraffick me into the Nevada legal brothel system by utilizing (and abusing) the Nevada courts to create a $10,000 debt of which I would have to pay to Jennifer Randazza if my motion to dismiss the lawsuit is not granted.

In this webcast I will cover how associates of Marc Randazza (Randazza Legal Group) have habitually stalked, harassed, cyber bullied and defamed myself and family members (namely my father) over the years.

I will present evidence which shows communication between Marc Randazza and those who claimed to take down pornwikileaks, but did not – as well as evidence of which I believe points to the initial communication I received (of which I believed was from Jennifer Randazza) in actuality being a “set-up” by Randazza Legal Group in effort to establish grounds for a lawsuit.

In effort to not be forced into the Nevada Brothels via this lawsuit by Randazza Legal Group, I have opted to announce that I will return to the pornographic industry as a performer if a $10,000 legal judgement is made against me. As a solo independent webcam girl I don’t believe I could pay off a $10,000 in the time given to me, but by re-entering the pornographic industry I may be able to.

Regardless, I fear for my life at this stage. If I return to pornography I believe I am bound to contract HIV / AIDS – so if the Nevada courts rule against me – they are essentially a party to manslaughter (aka murder).

I believe the current situation of which I’m in, is solid evidence of how the pornographic industry will not allow performers to leave (or speak out).


click to enlarge to learn exactly what sex trafficking is, and how Randazza Legal Group's actions may result in my being a sextrafficking victim.

click to enlarge to learn exactly what sex trafficking is, and how Randazza Legal Group’s actions may result in my being a sextrafficking victim.

Is Marc Randazza for hire to create the perfect Revenge Porn website? It seems he may be behind Pornwikileaks…

In the video below, get to know Stanford Law School Professor Phil Malone, and featured University of Santa Clara Professor Eric Goldman, Ridder, Costa & Johnstone LLP’s Erica T. Johnstone and Randazza Legal Group’s Marc J. Randazza.

First, skip to the 18:00 minute mark of the video.

Marc Randazza’s wife, Jennifer, as of April of 2014 filed a law suit against Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster for $10,000. In the video above, Marc Randazza states in regards to the revenge porn website – that to close the site he (and the client he represented) simply bought the site for $10,000.

Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster doesn’t own or operate any “revenge porn” websites, however she does run websites of which contain material individuals within the pornographic industry (and who in some cases are attached to organized crime) would rather not have online. Has Randazza Legal Group been contacted by these individuals to attempt to close Alexandra’s website’s utilizing “revenge porn take-down” techniques?

Marc Randazza goes on to state (at around the 44 minute mark of the video) exactly how he makes money as the legal representative for several websites – via something called section 230in fact he states that he’s one of the prime financial beneficiaries of section 230 in the United States of America.

Finally, (at about the 46 minute mark) Randazza states that in the past, the biggest problem with “revenge porn” websites is that “they’ve all been run by idiots”. Randazza then goes on to explain that between the speakers of the panel (even if only half of the speakers were present and “drunk”), they could tell you how to set up the “perfect revenge porn website that would be completely protected by section 230 and there’s nothing ANYONE COULD EVER DO ABOUT IT”.

So the question is: Has Marc Randazza already set up the “perfect revenge porn” type website via an acquisition either directly or indirectly of Has Marc Randazza created (or assisted in the creation) of other websites which could be categorized as “revenge porn”? What about the other members of the panel in the video above? Have they taken such actions? If so, how much money have they earned and who has hired them?

Natty Dazza

The real reason Marc Randazza, husband of Jennifer Randazza, revised Nevada Anti-Slapp Law – TO GET PAID!

jennifer randazza - wife of porn attorney marc randazzaAlexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster commentary:

This particular commentary is directed specifically to Jennifer Randazza.

Remember this day (click here) Jennifer? Remember that photo you took of your husband Marc (I assume you took the photo being that you are the copyright holder)? I’m certain you felt fairly proud that particular day…it was the day that your husband revised Nevada’s Anti-Slapp statute which significantly improved upon the state’s prior anti-SLAPP law.

Superficially the revisions grant defendants in Nevada courts some of the best and broadest protections for speech adopted by other states in their anti-SLAPP statutes since the passage of Nevada’s original law.

The word that I want you to pay very close attention to though Jennifer Randazza is the word SUPERFICIALLY. Here’s why…

At the bottom of this post you will find a court complaint in regards to – a company of which runs the website – a company of which your husband Marc Randazza is currently DEFENDING.

What’s interesting about Marc Randazza DEFENDING, is that they’ve been accused in the past of doing EXACTLY what your husband is 100%, beyond a shadow of a doubt FALSELY accusing me of – EXTORTION (in fact I’d be willing to swear on a Bible and bet the lives of everyone I care for, plus my own life, that the allegations accusing me of being an extortionist ARE FALSE).

It’s almost as though your husband Marc Randazza (who is completely void of creativity and original thought), is utilizing the complaint posted below as a script (or blueprint).

The way I see things Jennifer, the ONLY reason that your husband revised the Nevada Anti-Slapp law, was so that he could get paid…I don’t believe he cares about Freedom of Speech (the 1st amendment) one bit.

You know Jennifer, it was because of you that I almost lost the friendship of Crystal Cox – someone who I consider to be like a sister.  When Crystal registered and the name of your daughter as a .com as well, I didn’t agree with her actions.  I felt it went a bit too far.  I opted to return that domain to your husband, Marc Randazza, free of charge and I have the emails to prove it – click here to read them.

In addition Jennifer, your husband Marc offered me $100.00 (which I declined) to expedite the return (I was under the impression at the time that legally, I had to wait 60 days to transfer him the domain – a process which was overturned by GoDaddy without my consent).  I turned down that $100 Jennifer and suggested that your husband utilize that money to take you out to a nice dinner (again, click here to read the email exchange for the proof).

Now I have no idea what your husband has shared with you about me Jennifer (if anything at all), but I’m the type of person Jennifer who has a strong innate instinct to protect women and children (which is actually ironic considering that I’m single and not a mother).

I didn’t feel that you or your child should be brought into the altercation between Crystal Cox and your husband. I actually felt sorry for you…however it appears that the saying of “no good deed goes unpunished” is true in regards to you Jennifer – personally.

Today Jennifer, I read a court complaint WITH YOUR NAME ON IT in regards to me, and as I stated before – that complaint FALSELY ACCUSES ME OF EXTORTION.  Now, considering that you’re around my age, and MARRIED to Marc Randazza, I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that THERE IS NO WAY ON EARTH THAT YOUR NAME WOULD BE ON A COURT COMPLAINT WITHOUT YOU BEING FULLY AWARE OF THE DETAILS.

As of this moment, considering that your name is on that court complaint Jennifer, I’m going to assume that you’re simply a liar who’s perfectly OK with falsely accusing women such as myself of crimes that they never committed.  If my assumptions about you are correct Jennifer, quite a few people will learn fairly quickly the truth about what you’re willing to do for money.  Many of those people will most likely be women who I’m sure are in your  current social circles and circles you may want to be admitted into in the future.

It really is a shame too, because it’s women like what I now assume you to be Jennifer, that make the world an extraordinarily difficult place for women like me. Over the past 3 (plus) years, I’ve put my economic standing, reputation and LIFE on the line to educate and protect women (young and old alike) from the dangers of the organized crime attached pornographic industry – an industry of which your husband, Marc Randazza not only knows the truth of, but defends as well.

As of tonight (unless I’m proven otherwise) I assume Jennifer that you not only don’t care about issues such as sex-trafficking and pedophilia (and Jennifer – it really is disturbing how your husband doesn’t only defend books such as The Pedophiles Guide – but has been found to be affiliated with an internationally known convicted pedophile as well)…you also don’t appear to have any respect for the law, our legal system or the country of which you live in – the United States of America.

Standing “by your man”, is one thing Jennifer…but giving FALSE STATEMENTS AGAINST THE INNOCENT for your man is something completely different.

Life is a funny thing Jennifer Randazza – I assume you to be living fairly comfortably at this moment.  You probably feel secure, well protected and filled with love for your children.  I don’t enjoy the same blessings and luxuries as yourself Jennifer – hell, I don’t even have a car (the last time I did, your husband suggested I drive off a cliff in it – click here for the proof).

You probably couldn’t imagine walking even 10 feet in my shoes Jennifer Randazza (and I doubt you ever anticipate doing so)…however in my 35 years, I’ve learned that life’s circumstances can easily change in the blink of an eye.

It’s not myself, Crystal Cox or anyone else for that matter who may have affected Marc Randazza’s livelihood Jennifer.  Marc Randazza affected his OWN livelihood via his OWN actions.  All I’ve done is report the news and the truth. Perhaps Marc needs to rethink his attempt to play both sides of the fence at this stage in his career, because he’s not just a liar and unprofessional – he’s UNETHICAL.

In the future Jennifer Randazza – whether it’s in a court of law here on Earth, or you face me in the ultimate court – which is the court of God…in the name of Jesus Christ, you will in time have to take accountability for this particular situation. I hope when that time comes Jennifer Randazza, you are intelligent enough not to lie.

If you do lie Jennifer Randazza, God will deal with you accordingly.

Ascentive v PissedConsumer Complaint by Eric Goldman


Marc Randazza Exploits Miami Court System with Conspiracy Theories and Just Plain Bat Shit Crazy Stuff

article spotted on 

EDITORIAL: First of all, I’ve never even met Crystal Cox before. The only connection we have is we have both suffered stalking, harassment and threats to ourselves, our families and our support networks from several people who’ve exposed themselves in social media as not only connected but also stalking each of us online and in person.You only have to follow them for a short time to see their patterns. Once you see the pattern, you can’t unsee it!!

I’m wondering why Sean Tompkins and Ari Bass aka Michael Whiteacre aren’t listed. I’ve had way more dealings with them in connection to Randazza then Crystal Cox or Monica Foster. I only posted their work and commented on it from my experiences and research. I have to agree that he’s losing his perspective here. It’s the first stages of stalker breakdown. Their ego must win and when they don’t, they escalate. It’s the monster of the Id.


I believe his own group called it Bat Shit Crazy calling Crystal Cox a crazy conspiracy theorist when she exposed some major corruption in our Federal Bankruptcy court system. (remember, a federal bankruptcy court trustee destroyed my evidence during an active class action lawsuit. Said evidence had nothing to do with the assets the trustee was in charge of. Talk about corruption. Oh yeah, me and Crystal agreed on that one too). Marc has gone completely Bat Shit Crazy at this point. Marc, get control of that monster in your Id, please!!


They know we don’t have the ability to fight in court. At least not yet. Truthfully, all we have to do is keeping working here online. I don’t waste my time on a corrupt judicial system. I fight my battles in The World Court of Public Opinion. Hey Marc, my jury is bigger than yours :P = You not only expose yourself, you expose every single flaw in every single system in America with every step you take. You know why that is? Because your whole group has their nasty, filthy, evil little organized crime fingers in every single system in America today. And they bought it all with young girls souls!!

Welcome to the REAL America. Civil rights for criminals only. Girls souls for sale daily!

BTW I haven’t met Marc Randazza either. What I have reported on were articles I found that others have written who have experienced the same illegal activities in their lives as I, by the same group of people who we’ve independently linked through their open trolling all over social media. All things evil in Porn Valley have Marc Randazza right smack in the middle. I’ve viewed the evidence of the other independent bloggers whose stories I’ve shared on my blogs and some I haven’t. It’s all there, folks. Too bad US mainstream media didn’t do their homework. OR, maybe they did and the reason they’ve given these guys major press time is because they’re all in their evil little beds together. The pimps and their dirty little thugs.

They gave us 3 days to object. Does that sound like an American judicial system is supposed to work? My work was used as evidence in a legal lawsuit and now Godaddy is giving my personal information to these criminals and the Miami judicial system gave them permission to do. I want to know, what do you Americans think of that? I’m one American who says they just proved there is no justice in America anymore. And the World continues as our Witness!

Now, the truth is, Marc Randazza already has all of our personal information. This is a form of intimidation he uses regularly though his trail is wrought with failure. We already know what private investigation agencies the industry and little Marc do their dirty work through. They’re really quite transparent about everything they do these days because our entire country is so full of corruption.

Our US courts now protect the criminals instead of good, hardworking citizens. Most of these guys AREN’T EVEN AMERICAN CITIZENS. I want to know. What do you think of this? What will you think when it’s you? You can see all my work. It’s ALL backed with undeniable evidence. Do you think that because someone else used my work as evidence in a lawsuit (and I’m not even a party to that suit), they should get access to my personal information?

Do you think that comment you post somewhere online and then was shared by others should allow some sleazy porn troll attorney to get the address to your home, your billing information and who knows what else?? 


March 28, 2014
liar marc randazza

Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster commentary:

Now this is VERY interesting. It appears that Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group has deliberately lied about me on the court complaint below. He states that I’m an “extortionist” (which is actually comical), states that I’m part of a “conspiracy” (I thought I was supposed to be the conspiracy theorist), states that this website is “anti-semetic” (there’s not one anti-semetic thing in my view on this website – though there may be according to the Anti-Defmation League’s overreaching views) and most importantly states that he believes that I started once I discovered his children attended a Jewish school (see page 10 of the complaint – I didn’t know Randazza’s kids went to a Jewish school until I read the court complaint today).

The ironic part about this entire situation, is that if it weren’t for my soft heart, Marc Randazza would have had a far more difficult time gaining control of the domain – click here for the emails which provide the proof of that matter.

The bottom line, is that Marc Randazza is a very sick man who I believe to be mentally ill – not just due to the court complaint below – but due to his track record of having attachment to people and issues which support pedophilia and child abuse.

Amended Complaint in Equity for a Bill of Pure Discovery, Marc J. Randazza Harassment Suit

If you are looking for a professional, intelligent, ethical and honest attorney, DO NOT HIRE Marc Randazza.

As a side note, an acquaintance of mine who’s aware of Marc Randazza and his issues has stated to me that it’s possible Marc Randazza routinely abuses the legal system to gain control of domains of which are already attached to high traffic websites in effort to further his own aspirations of being a Harvey Levine type journalist and media mogul (in other words, Marc Randazza may be using the courts to STEAL other people’s work due to his inability to create anything of value on his own).

A Randazza Legal Group Warning as I Join List of Bloggers Threatened by Free Speech Attorney Marc Randazza

spotted on

Diana fka Desi Foxx

Diana fka Desi Foxx

I just got my first notice from Godaddy that Marc Randazza is exploiting Miami’s court system in an attempt to gather my personal information. Now, the truth is he already has my information so this is simply a scare tactic to try to inhibit my freedom of speech.

Ironic isn’t it? An attorney who promotes himself as a protector of Porn Valley organized crime player’s freedom of speech threatens bloggers and uses our domain registrars and hosting companies to harass us. I’ve notified Godaddy that Marc Randazza has already admitted in written communications with Godaddy that his firm knows this is an illegal manipulation of our judicial system. Thus, they are both liable if my personal information is, in fact, released to any party.

“Upon further review of the subpoenas issued to GoDaddy, we realize that they were not properly issued.  Pursuant to December 2013 changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, the subpoenas should have been issued from the United States District Court for the District of Nevada and not the District of Arizona.  (See Fed. R. Civ. P. 45(a)(2).)  Accordingly, we withdraw the subpoenas.”
Ronald D. Green, Jr.
Randazza Legal Group
3625 South Town Center Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89135
Tel: 702.420.2001
Fax: 702.420.2003

So now he comes to Florida. Guess we’ll need to audit the Miami court system if they are allow organized crime syndicates who openly prostitute and sex traffick women in both Los Angeles and Miami (where my daughter and subsequently myself, were both trafficked from) to use their court system to harass and threaten activists exposing Porn Valley AND Porn Beach corruption and crimes.

Wondering why Marc didn’t file in Tampa courts? Could it be he knows he’d be on my territory here and he stands a better chance in Porn Beach? In Miami, these pimps are right at home. Their second home, that is!


This email is to inform you that we have received a properly formatted Amended Complaint in Equity for a Bill of Pure Discovery for documents in the following civil action: Marc J. Randazza et al. v GoDaddy, LLC et al. issued by the Miami-Dade County, Florida 11th Judicial Circuit Court, Civil Action No. 2014-5636-CA.  Our response to this subpoena may require us to disclose some of your personally identifiable information.  Therefore, we are providing this notice as a courtesy to give you an opportunity to object to the Amended Complaint.  The only way to object to a properly filed Amended Complaint is by filing an objection with the court in which the matter is pending.  If you intend on filing an objection, please let us know within 3 business days.  If we do not receive an objection notice indicating that you have filed or will be filing an objection, we will continue with producing the documents requested and may charge your account according to our registration agreement.  Should you require additional time within which to file your objection with the court, please let us know.

In order to obtain further information related to the pending litigation or a copy of the subpoena, you may contact counsel for the requesting party as follows:

Marc J. Randazza
Randazza Legal Group
2 South Biscayne Blvd., Suite 2600
Miami, FL 33131
888.667.1113 Telephone