Friday, May 30, 2014

Retro 1977 Dodge Tradesman 200 camper van

Seller writes: 1977 Tradesman 200 Camper van with well maintained 360 motor that runs great. Funky retro 70's style interior. Propane stove, fridge and furnace. Side facing beach seat that sleeps two. Sink and potapotty toilet. New retro curtains to match the funky orange & red couch and gold shag. Plenty of cupboards and storage over cab. New rear flooring. Clean. Good tires. Cruise. Low kms. 73080 km. StumbleUpon

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Revenge Porn - Regina

Most of the time, the items I pull from the used sites that cover the province are silly, weird or funny in some way. But this morning, I found something disturbing.

It was revenge porn.

Someone from Regina posted a normal, non-sexual image of his ex-girlfriend. At the bottom of the post was a link to a revenge site. When I followed the link, I found a photo of her naked body from the neck down, presumably the same woman.

It seems wrong to attempt to damage one's ex's reputation in such a way.

I reported the ad to the website, so hopefully it will be taken down soon.

Update: The post was removed. Here's a screen grab of the original post, edited to conceal the woman's identity and link to the revenge site.


2 huskies for sale - $600


Seller writes: I have two beautiful huskies, one is a male pure bread Siberian who loves to cuddle and play and receive attention. the other is a female who is more independent and doesn't mind being on her own with no attention but will come and get it when she sees its there. they are both fixed and have to go together as they have been together since puppies. everything is included, dog house ( insulated ) dog dishes and leashes etc. they have lived outside for the past two years and are both currently 6. any questions or want to come see them just send me an email or text


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

"looking for a Text Messaging Friend"

Hello Woman In My 40s. Can I make a suggestion? I think kijiji is the wrong place to search for the support you seek. You'll have more success in an online forum. Try googling "emotional support forum" and see about joining one.

Poster writes: Have you ever spent a night crying wishing you had a supportive friend to talk to? 

Have you ever needed to just be told " I Care and can Listen?" 

Would even a cyber hug be just the fix you need? 

I know this would help me and i can give this to someone as well. 

We all have our rough roads to travel and sometimes the road would be a little more easy if we had a supportive friend right handy in our pocket for those moments; 

I am a woman in my 40's just looking for a friend to keep handy during those rough moments in life. 

I do check my e-mail daily and i am unsure of the response i might get through this. I will be responding back in the order i receive replies. 

thanking you.


2 Vintage Samsonite Red Hardcase Suitcase - Regina

Some people have a thing for these...

Seller writes: 2 Vintage Samsonite Red Hardcase Suitcase 

Easy Identify suitcases when travelling Bright Red 
Hardcase to protect belongings 
Compartments for organizing 

Set of 2 Vintage Luggage Cases Excellent shape 
large with 2 wheels and tow rope 25" X 19" X 8" 
smaller size 19" X 15" X 6" 
smaller size fits in larger case 

Inner & Outter all red 
Both have original Samsonite Identification tags


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Hippie van (body odour not included) - $12K

It's the form of a hippie icon with nothing of its substance. I mean, come on: trippin'Imagine? More like, imagine breaking down on the highway between Gull Lake and Piapot, omg! why did we buy this thing!? where's my cell phone!? Shut-up Moon, I'm trying to think!

Seller writes: 1970 VW Westfalia for condition.reasonable offers will not be ignored.


Friday, May 2, 2014

Sorry, the internet already did that.

"Let's see how far we can go." Friend, you're looking at it.

Wasting your time writes: This obviously is a green lighter which I would like to trade for something bigger or better. It could be a pen, a shoe, a hat, well anything. If you would like to trade me for something else I'd love to hear from you :) I will come to you wherever you are to trade. 

I heard an exciting story about hard work and fun. He traded a small item for something a little bigger and bigger until he surpassed his wildest dreams. I'm about to put this idea to the test. Let's see how far we can go. Email me. 

Wish me luck :)


Mr. & Mrs. Damask Sign

At first, it looks to be two different photos. But the MRS what-ever-you-call-it creeps over to the MR side. But then why the two shades of grey in the background? And I'm not even going to get into that pose. That is some weird shit. Also, how is email "sometimes iffy"? Do you mean that you forget you have email? Or do you mean your email sometimes works and sometimes doesn't?

Seller writes: It speaks for itself. Makes a great photo prop, but it was purchased to used on the wedding cake table. 

If email is unanswered, please text or call my cell. Email is sometimes iffy. Thanks!


Wednesday, April 30, 2014

"This radio was owned by a member of a real famous bike gang." What? - Prince Albert, Sask.

Seller writes: this is a rare radio in good working condition. It is full radio bands plus short wave. It is all original condition and I think it is from the 1940's as far as I can tell. The glass was cracked and now broke but easily replaced. Real wood cabinet that stand approx. 38" high. This radio was owned by a member of a real famous bike gang. I real nice piece of furniture and a very collectible item. Call for more details . I have other smaller antique radios as well and would look as selling as a package


That woman is standing on her horse - Melfort, Sask.

On further reading the post, it seems that Brooklyn is an enterprising young woman (if indeed that is Brooklyn in the photo) from James Smith First Nation who just might be in the business of training and selling horses. Neato.

Seller writes: 2 horses ones a Shetland he's great for riding I trained him myself, the other is a great riding horse doesn't kick or buck absolutely loves children.. They're both sorrels with blazes on their forehead .. Contact me using my email for the price of the horses name is Brooklyn Daniels I live in James smith .. North road . Keep going till you see a white horse fence with a barn and a grain shed inside the fence.. Im selling them both for $2000 and if u want just one horse then it's $1000 please contact me . I do not live in Prince Albert.. 


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Guy will build you a 16'x16' cabin - $29K

Builder writes: Small 16 x 16 ft cabin constructed of 6x6 timbers. Cabin has a 16 x 8 covered deck and a loft inside. Wood stove and seating included. The cabin in the pictures is what it would look like and is not for sale. I would be taking orders for construction in the summer.


Saturday, April 26, 2014

"$3,500 · lil orbits minni donut machine"

I'm not sure this is the best photo to illustrate how great this donut machine is. Kinda looks like an activist's secret camera photo showing the terrible conditions of enslaved mini donut workers, who inexplicably labour in... a municipal road equipment building? From now on, I vow to only eat ethically produced mini donuts.

Seller writes: used propane donut machine all misc equipment included 2400 mini's an hour real money maker great shape and some spare parts.


Somebody's looking for an Omnibot (Or a Robi Bot) - South Regina

Searcher writes: Looking to purchase a working Omnibot/Robi Sr robot with remote. I have attached pics of what I am looking for.


Friday, April 25, 2014

$65 Drill Press

Seller writes: Springs coming and time to start the clean up.. For Sale drill press with1/3 motor. $65.00 o.b.o. Ph: 536-8124


Thursday, April 24, 2014


The remarkable thing about this post is that I can't find a copy of the list on the internet. It almost feels like it's her own list. Hmm.

Good Manners writes: I have some good manners but I have noticed that not everyone else does. In fact it is rare to find people these days who DO have them, especially the younger people. 

With this in mind, I would like to give some away - they cost me nothing so they shouldn't cost you anything as that's only fair. 

These good manners are completely free and there is no catch - they also come with a separate bag of politeness. 

No pickup required and you can start using them immediately - remember they are FREE! 

1: Try to smile and make eye contact with people. 

2: Remember that the person you encounter may be having a hard day, a tough week or may be going through a spell of misfortune. Other people struggle too. 

3: Never assume that respect or gratitude is given for free, you should work for it and it should come by way of reward. 

4: Always use "please" and "thank you" - don't embarrass your parents by forgetting the very basics of life that they taught you first. 

5: Don't expect anything to be given to you for nothing; more people have worked harder to get less than you already have, that will always be true, 

6: Look out for others and be mindful that we are all sharing our experience of life together - you are no more or less important than anyone else. 

7: Respect your elders, they have already gone through what you go through - and now that you know how hard it is, you should respect them for getting through it. 

8: Love your environment. You wouldn't throw your garbage into your bed or bath, so don't throw it on the street or the countryside. 

9: Don't get angry about things you cannot change. If something upsets you, do what you can to change it; if you can't change it then change the way you think about it. 

10: Share what you have with those who don't have it. If we all did this you would get to share what they have and you don't.


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

$70K House "35 minutes from Kindersley via Lemsford ferry"

Sceptre is just north of the Great Sand Hills.

Seller writes:  We have a gorgeous little house for sale in Sceptre, Sk. This 820 sq. ft. house is completed renovated from the attic to the basement. New furnace, hot water heater, water softener, Reverse Osmosis system at kitchen sink. Kitchen and bathroom both gutted and redone. Beautiful refurbished hardwood floors. Kitchen boasts oak cabinetry with pot and pan drawers. The stainless steel appliances (which include OTR microwave) are 3 years old and washer and dryer 7 years old. 

All new windows (with custom blinds), house wrap, and new siding. All of these renovations were completed within the last 5 years. Central air and central vac line.  New shingles in 2006.  All renovations were done by an exceptional local carpenter who is a perfectionist at his work and did wonderful work on this house.  House also comes with a 5 year old Broil King natural gas BBQ and satellite dish with receiver and built in surround sound. 

The 28' x 28' garage is only 9 years old, insulated and drywalled, with lots of storage space, cupboards and built-in work bench. Garage also boasts a mounted heater that will warm the garage up in no time and also comes with automatic garage door opener. 50' x 150' ft lot, driveway done in summer 2013. This house is extremely energy efficient with equalized energy bill of $38/month. Taxes approx. $900/yr. 

Just 10 minutes from Leader, 30 minutes from Cabri, 35 minutes from Kindersley via Lemsford ferry and an hour from Swift Current. You will want to see this house! REDUCED TO $79,900 for quick sale and we are willing to negotiate.   Please call 306-628-7600 or 306-628-7442


$69K House in Cadillac, Sask.

Seller writes: Located in quaint Cadillac, just 30 minutes outside of Swift Current. Great family home on 5 lots, fully renovated and move in ready! New plumbing and wiring throughout home, along with a new furnace.  Downstairs features 2 bedrooms and one bathroom, with a full master suite upstairs including private bathroom with standup shower.  New kitchen cabinets with a built-in dishwasher.  Plenty of room for an enthusiast to garden or put up a shop.  For for more information please call Ron or Carol Miller at 1-306-785-47171-306-785-4717.  Please phone for appointment. If you have any questions, please call in place of email - thank you.


70s Moped - Regina

Seller writes: This beautiful vintage moped is for sale. Early 70's - recently had new paint job. It was up and running well a couple of years ago and has since been sitting in our garage. Asking $400 OBO PM Shawn Simon Fraser or myself if interested.


Friday, April 18, 2014

30 years worth of vinyl

Seller writes:


After collecting vinyl records for over 30 years I have finally decided to put my entire collection for sale. The collection is composed of all musical styles that includes rock and roll, blues, progressive rock, heavy metal, soft rock, classical, opera, country, Quebecois, disco, International, big band, Latin, Caribbean music, comedy records, film soundtracks ect, ect, ect (45's=1$ and more, 33's and 78's=5$ and more). 

The vinyl?s in this collection are for sale individually or can be sold as a lot, please ask for the list of vinyl?s to see what and how many there are. The price?s listed for the vinyl?s in this collection are not negotiable however when multiple copies of the same selection are available, the best copy will always be sent to you. So if you are looking to expand your vinyl collection from a vast selection of rare and hard to find selections this could be the collection for you. 

If you are interested and would like to receive my list of vinyl?s, then please just ask for me to send you a copy of my list. If you purchase vinyl?s from me you will not have to run all over town to find the selections you want, you can simply select the vinyl?s you want from my list and I can put them aside for you, all I would need is your postal code to calculate the shipping fees and then I can get back to you with a final total. 

All the vinyl?s that are shipped are carefully packaged so that they arrive to your home in a safe manner and I provide a Canada Post tracking number so that you will know where your package is at all times. 

VI VINYL StumbleUpon

Thursday, April 10, 2014

$22,400 · Undergraduate degree in Psychology, NEVER USED! Selling @ cost!

Seller writes: Shortcut your way to a useless degree. BUY MINE! Don't spend 4 years in university and just hang the degree on your wall! Selling this for only the cost of 4 years of tuition - my hard earned sweat, blood, tears, and pages and pages of notes and textbooks are yours for free! Full transcripts provided with purchase! You even got a scholarship! Good for you! 

The degree itself is printed on what is likely $0.30 parchment type paper and stored in a made in China sleeve. Such a prestigious vessel by which to display your hard earned knowledge! Will even include my leftover textbooks the bookstore won't buy back for free! Not only will you be able to point to your degree and say "LOOK WHAT I DID!" You'll also be able to throw a textbook at someone and say "AND HERE'S WHAT I DID IT WITH!" 

Such incredible value! Don't let this one pass you by! 

Minor detail - it's my name on the degree. You are welcome to modify it in any way you wish! Or just burn the degree for warmth in the Saskatchewan winter. IT'S TOTALLY UP TO YOU! 

Please check out my other listings - spring cleaning time! 

If you are seeing this ad, the item is not yet sold. Email only - I check it all the time and will get back to you.


Will someone just buy this cereal box already?

It's been there online since they invented the internet. A hundred bucks for a Shreddies box?

Naively hopeful seller writes: Good condition Shreddies cereal box with Wayne Gretsky photo on it. 1999. StumbleUpon

Sunday, April 6, 2014

$60 · Hand Beaded Lanyard with "All The Gay Colours"

Seller writes: "This Lanyard is all Hand Beaded not Factory made it is in all the Gay Colours it is 48 inches long making it 24 inches each side

It would make a Ideal Christmas Gift For a Man or Woman 
Thank you for looking" StumbleUpon

Cornballer - $10

Just kidding, it's a Quesadilla Maker.

Seller writes: NEW, still in package El Paso Chili Company Quesadilla maker. On/Off ready light, non-sticking cooking plates, drip tray/cleaning tray, English/french manual, recipe booklet, steam guard, 900 W.

Please email contact info, being patient for return reply. Thanks for looking. StumbleUpon

Home made sleigh - Call John

Seller writes: built from the ground up, seats 6 comfortable, never been used, Please call John (306) 737-3022 Sorry I have to sell. StumbleUpon

Thursday, February 6, 2014

1967 Plymouth Belvedere WAGON - Yorkton

1967 plymouth belvedere station wagon slant six auto with power steering power back window chrome has been all done tinted windows 17' chrome rims cd player under dash interior all original runs drives like a dream very different will not find another one like this car is appraised for $10.000 would like to get 7000 email text or call after 5 StumbleUpon

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Old House Trailer - Shaunavon

Look at this old thing sitting out on the prairie. Somehow I sort of want to buy it, and find some farmer with like a million acres, and just drive up to the yard and introduce myself and say "Hey, I'm a photographer, and I just want some place to drive to every once in a while and make a camp fire with some friends: can I park it down the road at that one spot with the view of the river?" That'd be rad. Rad!


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Wedding Dress for bottle of Baileys

Trader writes: Professionally cleaned, worn once, size 8 wedding dress. Looking to trade for 40 oz bottle of Baileys...original or chocolate mint preferred. Text or email if interested.


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dad-built chess set - $90 OBO South Regina

Awesome. (Except the white balance is a little off. Probably a tricky room because it looks like there was a window to the left, but maybe a tungsten light above and you or your camera decided to use a little fill flash, which did help some of the detail come through on the front.)

It has a drawer! Awesome! (I find the glare off the top left corner a bit distracting.)

Holy shit snacks! (That's what Pam from "Archer" says.) If the dad made the pieces, I mean, come on! You should pay this guy double what he's asking. (I would have gone in real close on the white pieces so show some detail and vary the package a bit.)

Beautiful. (Chess board, not the photo, obviously.)
Seller writes: My Dad had built this a few years ago and I have no room to keep this so I must sell it,comes with all the men.You will never find another one like this,it is 24 1/2" x 24 1/2" x 27" high $90. O.B.O 


Monday, January 13, 2014

Alaskan Malamute puppy - $500 Hudson Bay, Sask.

Wow, that paint can in the upper left is really sharp. Next time focus on the dog.  I mean, you're asking $500 for the little critter. Would it kill you to take a second and make a decent photo?
I really suck at photoshop.


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Apocalypse Set - $6 (Saskatoon)

Based on extensive skimming for an elapsed time of I should be doing something more valuable with my short time on earth and in between my addiction to Archer, this seller offers near pure copper items. The narrative is that copper is going to be the new silver - ie: the next big metal to skyrocket in value, and that when you Google "Panic of 1873" you will be convinced that a crisis is on the horizon which will kick-off said skyrocketing, so buy cheap now and fuel the speculation! Profit from the impending doom!

Besides the two bellicose copper coins, the bullet is a replica of a round that would go into an AR-15 assault rifle. You know, the ones used in mass-killings? Charming.

Seller writes: The New Morgana Morgan (1873) - 1 ounce bullion copper .999.
& AR-15 .223 - solid bullion copper .999. (cannot be fired)

This set is for the upcoming Apocalypse (Google Panic of 1873) it is on the way again only worse.


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Mini-electric Organ - $10

God people, learn how to crop a photo already! And would it kill you to correct the white balance?
Before, ugh.

After. Do I have to do everything around here?

Organ at StumbleUpon

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Atlantic Schooners Grey Cup Lighthouse - Regina

Seller writes: Take a piece of Grey Cup History to the Lake. For sale 10 foot Lighthouse. StumbleUpon

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

$4,500 - 1982 Honda Civic - South Regina


Seller writes:

-1982 Honda Civic 
-93,000 KM original 
-New tires 
-Second owner 
-owners manual 
-amazing shape 
-150.00 to plate per year 
-Low offers will be ignored

What the what?

Dude writes: will pay cash right now for your old unwanted vehicles. I repair or scrap cars in my spare time. will pay anywhere from $100 for scrap cars, more for repairable ones. e-mail or call with what you have. thank you. StumbleUpon

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Free Barn - North of Pelly, the Pearl of the Parkland.

Seller writes: Old barn for sale, to be moved. Approximately 36' x 28'. Nice condition, been empty for 25 years. Located north of Pelly.

Old barn for sale - Regina Other Real Estate - Kijiji Regina Canada.


Monday, August 19, 2013

Free house. Really. Saint Isidore-de-Bellevue, Sask.

(Nice find Vonda!)

Seller writes: House for sale, for free. House has a wood stove, new pex plumbing, new shingles in 2005, and a couple new windows. Has been vacant since 2007. Would make a good cabin, but will need some work. It's in the way, and if it isn't moved by the first snow fall, I'm tearing it down. House is located 3 miles north of Bellevue. Please email.

Free House - Saskatoon Real Estate For Sale - Kijiji Saskatoon Canada.


Monday, July 15, 2013

Need science educational supplies? Al's your man.

Al has 121 items for sale at, many are science education supplies. I want to buy them all. Check this out:

Pulse (Palm) Glass - Ideal for demonstrating that vapor pressure increases when temperature increases. Two glass bulbs are connected with a glass tube, and contain a colored, volatile liquid. Holding one of the bulbs in your hand causes the evaporation of a portion of the liquid that forces the liquid to the other bulb.
Awesome, right?

Or this:

Anemometer - This working model shows the principle of wind velocity measurement. Four plastic cups on arms are mounted on a smooth turning axle. The apparatus is sensitive to the slightest breeze, even as low as 2 mph; wind speed can be quantitatively determined by counting the rotations.
So cool! If you want to check out all sorts of science education supplies, check out Al's merch here.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My living soul - $10,000,000

Soul seller writes: Selling my soul because i no longer need it it is becoming a hassle to take care of.

My living soul - Saskatchewan Buy & Sell Goods - Kijiji Saskatchewan Canada.