The most Influential left-of-centre European Blogs: And the winner is…

First of all thanks to everyone who voted in our ballot to establish for the first time what the most influential left-of-centre European blogs are. We wanted to avoid a SEJ bias as far as possible and therefore notified all nominees and asked them to campaign for themselves. And here are the results:

1. Social Europe Journal

2. PES:Renew

3. Jon Worth’s Euroblog

4. The Honeyball Buzz

5. Eurosocialist

6. Kreisie

7. Glenis Willmott

8. Coulisses de Bruxelles

9. The European Citizen, European Tribune

11. The Cedar Lounge Revolution, Irish Left Review

13. A Fistful of Euros

14. Erkan’s Field Diary

15. Asa Westlund

16. Nachdenkseiten

And here are the proportions of the vote:

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  • Tomboktu

    Would you be able to convert the names in the results list to links?

  • Ronny

    It's kind of surprising to find that a blog that is nominated in a competition on its own blog gets first in the list…


  • Henning Meyer

    Dear Ronny, to avoid this bias we notified all nominees and asked them to campaign and republish the ballot for their readers. Most of them did this. This is pretty much all you can do. But none of these ballot results are ever representative so should be seen as merely indicative.

    We take the fact that SEJ won by quite some margin as an indication that we are on the right track and produce good content in which people are interested. Not more not less.

  • julia v de moura

    O jornalismo, no mundo, hoje, está na rede mundial de comunicação e o SOCIAL JOURNAL EUROPE, atraves dos blogs tem um alcance mundial e está a frente dos acontecimentos, que interessam não só aos europeus, mas, aos americanos do norte, do centro , do sul, enfim , do mundo. Parabéns!!