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The running database will no longer be updated. The last update was at the end of May 2012.

The begin with search method returns all records that start with your input. The exact name search returns all records that are an exact match of input. 

Make sure you do NOT enter a "space" after the names or no records will be returned. If you are having problems getting records returned hit the reset button and reenter the name.  Recheck the spelling of the name or use the first part of the name. 

Please remember these are UNOFFICIAL RESULTS and they do not include subsequent changes made to the official results. Missing divisional information was arbitrarily added, based on a 10-year age group. Visit the  weekend result links to obtain official results. Visit the database list to see what races are included in the database.

Starting in 2007, when chip time and gun time are included in the official results, the chip time will be used even when the gun time is the official time.  The place positions will be determined by the official time. Both times will be included in the database.

If your name is misspelled in the database please email me and I will correct the spelling of your name. If the database is missing a race that should have been included, or you would like included, and you know where the results are, please email me the link or the results.

Additional assistance can be obtained through the Feedback Form or direct email - contact info  

(Updated: Sat 08 Dec 2012 | 12:45 AM PT )