The Ruiz Plan

We must make creating jobs our number one priority. These new jobs increase our tax revenues and take the weight off the middle class so they are not forced to solve a deficit crisis they didn’t create. Small businesses are one of the largest job creators and should be prioritized as such. 

  • Create good-paying jobs in our community by investing in our economy and bringing in new businesses. We need to support actions which will restore consumer spending such as the payroll tax cut that will put more than $1,000 into the pockets of every working family. Additionally, I will fight to strengthen new industries  and invest in new sectors like as health care research, which are rooted in the high quality medical facilities found in our district, and alternative energy development, an industry that thrives on the open spaces and warm weather such as ours.

  • Balance the budget by cutting wasteful spending. I plan to reduce the budget in a balanced way – protecting working families, retirees, and people who have lost their homes, jobs, and security during the last few years.  
    I will do this by:

Republicans, Democrats, and Independents- we are not each other’s enemies. Our enemies are high employment rates, the sky rocketing cost of prescription drugs, and the high school dropout rates. I am running for Congress because I want to help revive the American Dream for the middle class families and seniors.

  • Washington is broken, and partisan gridlock is the reason why. As an Emergency Room physician, I’m trained to focus on solving problems and getting things done. When a patient is in the emergency room, it doesn’t matter whether they’re a Democrat or Republican, or who gets credit for solving the problem; all that matters is fixing the problem.  That’s the approach I’ll bring to Congress. Washington is facing an emergency, and we need people willing and able to fix it.
  • I believe in fully funding Stafford Loans and Pell Grants in order to make college affordable for all students. Higher education should be a reality for any student, regardless of their economic status. 

  • Prepare all our children for success by investing in preschool, revolutionizing classrooms, and fully funding after school programs. Success while children are in preschool follows them through the rest of their academic careers. We need to ensure that our schools are equipped with the latest technology and resources for teachers. Our teachers are the most integral part of our education system- we must support the jobs of our educators and provide them with the tools they need to make their students successful. 

  • We need to develop pipeline programs to equip students for careers with mentorship programs and online training. This is why I created the Future Physician Leaders program- to give students the opportunity to pursue their dreams in environments that foster the drive and passion they will need to succeed in college and in their careers.

  • I will always protect Social Security and Medicare from attempts to slash the guaranteed benefits California seniors have paid for and planned on. We must work to protect Social Security and Medicare. It is a commitment we made to retirees, and I will fight any effort to break that promise. The best way to save Medicare is to reduce healthcare costs by allowing Medicare to negotiate with drug companies for lower prices and use electronic record keeping to eliminate expensive duplicate tests.

  • Instead of cutting Medicare, we have to bring down overall healthcare costs, which will not only help reduce the cost of Medicare, it will help every American whose out-of-pocket expenses keep rising. The cost of prescription drugs is a perfect example.  Hard-working Americans are paying too much for prescription drugs, and career politicians are standing in the way of real solutions and change we desperately need. We need to allow Medicare to negotiate with drug companies to lower prices; that would save taxpayers nearly $200 billion over the next ten years alone, and continue to root out waste, fraud and abuse in the system.

  • The executive order to stop deporting young people who were brought here through no fault of their own is very important to me. Congress should stop playing politics and recognize that everyone has an interest in immigration reform. Everyone wants a reliable system that allows people who play by the rules to become productive members of society. I will work together with members of Congress to ensure that we are taking steps to build a system secure borders and a reliable labor pool, particularly here where agriculture is critical.  Congress should stand up and pass the DREAM Act immediately. 

  • I believe that no one should be discriminated against on the basis of who they love or their gender, religion, or race. I support the equal rights of gay and lesbian couples to marry who they love. We need to move our policies towards those which advocate fairness and equality for all.  

  • I will fight to protect, defend and advocate for all veterans’ jobs programs, ensuring all programs created are centered in the idea that no one who fought for our country should have to fight for a job when they get home. We need to create opportunities and resources for veterans which emphasize the skills, education, and qualifications learned during their time of service that can be translated into civilian careers. I will support programs such as: the VOW to Hire Heroes Act to expand education and job training opportunities for veterans; the My Next Move for Veterans program to assist veterans in job searches; the Veteran Gold Card program to provide comprehensive job training to veterans; the Returning Heroes and Wounded Warrior Tax Credits program which provides tax credits for businesses that hire unemployed veterans; and the Center for Veterans Enterprise which assists veterans in starting and building businesses.  These are commonsense programs which would benefit returning veterans, veterans from past wars and eventually current troops – we can’t afford not to implement them.