Balanced Scorecard Development and Cascading

Facilitated Working Sessions Help You Develop Top-Level and Cascaded Balanced Scorecards

A majority of the world’s companies claim to have Balanced Scorecards and the framework has been credited with many business successes, yet far too few scorecards produce desired results. This proves that, like any tool, the Balanced Scorecard must be applied correctly to be successful. Most often, the scorecards that don’t produce results are those that are either too heavy in one perspective area (and are not truly balanced) or those that are not cascaded down into the organization, so the scorecard has little impact on the way work is done.

Cascaded, deployed, linked Balanced Scorecard frameworks can be highly effective, but creating and sustaining such a framework can be daunting. ActiveStrategy’s team of expert practitioners will guide you through the process, teaching your teams the skills they’ll need to be self-sufficient in the future, all the while ensuring that key pitfalls are avoided and accelerating adoption so that the scorecards will rapidly drive results. And, when you’re ready, we’ll help you automate your Balanced Scorecards in ActiveStrategy Enterprise software – an application that was created explicitly for this purpose. It takes the best parts of a cascaded Balanced Scorecard approach and infuses technology to dramatically increase the impact, usability, and results.

Balanced Scorecard Development Services

ActiveStrategy Balanced Scorecard Development Workshops are structured and facilitated sessions that quickly and effectively guide a management team through the creation of a top-level Balanced Scorecard (which could be for a corporation, business unit, functional area, or service line). This top-level scorecard articulates the strategic plan in operational and measurable terms. It is also the critical starting point from which lower level, aligned scorecards will be cascaded. Workshops focus on selecting the scorecard perspectives, identifying the critical few strategic objectives, uncovering the key outcome measures–including a key outcome area where breakthrough improvement is needed, and aligning and prioritizing the major initiatives. In order to identify the best possible strategic objectives, a SWOT analysis is typically completed during the workshop. If it has not already been done, the group also works toward a consensus agreement on the high-level strategic plan and the creation of a working strategy map. At the conclusion of the workshop, a complete scorecard will be drafted, after which the appropriate measure data may be collected and measure goals may be set.

Balanced Scorecard Cascading Services
ActiveStrategy Balanced Scorecard cascading workshops are structured, facilitated sessions that teach upper-, mid-, and lower-level managers to quickly and effectively create strategically linked, lower-level scorecards. The workshop requires that a sound top-level scorecard exists, from which workshop attendees may cascade objectives and measures. In addition, specific knowledge of related (and often cross-functional) business processes will be necessary, which will allow the scorecard owner/manager to identify germane objectives and measures that are aligned to the top-level objectives and measures. At the conclusion of a cascading workshop, managers will have created a functioning scorecard that contains the top-down elements necessary to maintain alignment and contribute properly in roll-ups to the strategic level. In addition, managers will have Scorecards that contain meaningful operational objectives and measures, enabling them to effectively manage their area of the organization using the new Scorecard.