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Convicted Paedophile James Poole Opens Dr Who Themed Cafe Shop in Lowestoft

19th May 2014 | in Child Abuse |

James Poole, 45 was convicted of taking indecent images of children in 2002 and the convicted paedophile has now opened up a Dr Who themed cafe shop in Lowestoft.

Former RAF Officer and IT Technician James Richard Poole, and father of two was found guilty after a two day trial at Teesside Crown Court back in 2002

Thousands of images were discovered on Poole’s computer after the Ministry of Defence police officers raided his barracks room at the RAF Leeming Tornado base, North Yorkshire on August 9 last year. The grim discovery was made when officers investigating harassment allegations against Poole, noticed an image on his computer screen. Four MOD officers arrested Poole and sent the computer to be examined. The extensive collection included 6000 pornographic images on his computers hard drive and two CD ROMS of indecent images, of which many were illegal images of young children.

Convicted paedophile James Poole aka Jack Demspey with his current 16 year old manageress

James Poole, an IT technician had enough images to fill a staggering 100 30-volume sets of the Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Poole looked ahead , void of feeling or emotions as the jury read out their guilty verdict. He was sentenced to 18 months but appealed and later had the sentence…

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